Thursday, February 11, 2016

At The End Of The Day...

...Somebody Has To Walk The Whackadoodle.

Even if it is late and raining.

And those eyes might scare the heckfire out of a young LBlair.



Bill said...

One of the most important job dogs have is to take their humans out for regular walks.

I give both The Whackadoodle and The Hammer some inspiration credit for yours and Beers positive outlooks on life and also your prolific, thoughtful and inspired postings... different breeds - different tones maybe?

It is very rare if ever that I would regent go out for a walk or hike with a dog, no matter the weather.

RossK said...



And I think you may be right about different breeds and tones...Heckfire...Beer and I even take our dogs to different parts of the Fraser for the really important walks (he's upriver, I'm down).


Scotty on Denman said...

Is it your experience, Ross, that dogs prefer rainy nights for a stroll?

I noticed husky-types avoid getting wet; a thick, two-layered coat helps, but, really, they never seem to go swimming (perhaps some kind of inherited arctic necessity). So I had this samoyed-cross, thick, white coat, would carefully walk around puddles; in contrast, my last hound would assiduously find and piglet-squirm along the bottom of every puddle in his scent-zone---then get all up into my scent-zone; but the samoyed-cross "Zeke" generally avoided wet weather---used to love letting snow drift over him though. Yet, in any season, Zeke would get all let's-go-for-a-walk---you know, with the eyes---whenever it had just started to rain, even though he generally avoided water; on these occasions he'd actually walk on his tip-toes like he really hated getting them wet, Why?

I think must be cuz when it first starts to rain, knocks down all that dust and soot in the city that must drive dogs crazy, and opens up a virtual worm-can of smells, irresistibly. When they occasionally go on the lamb it tends to be during the first rain after a dry spell.

But the shine soon washes off. Even Roscoe (the mud-puddle hound) would eventually start pining for his spot, head under the wood stove, at home, warm and dry.

Have you ever noticed this "first-rain" effect, perhaps in your own walker?

Eleanor Gregory said...

My dog, Brinkley, does not like going out in the rain for a walk. Being a poodle, his coat absorbs rain like a sponge. Dog raincoats help but but don't completely solve.

RossK said...


In all honesty my 'n' is too small to know from personal experience. More specifically, I've really only known three dogs really well - my childhood dog 'Scooter' who was a beagle/labbish mash-up who, essentially, loved everything (at least in my memory); my Dad's dog when I was a young man who C. and I got to take camping pretty often in our middle twenties; and Rosie the Whackadoodle.

I do agree about the smells though. Rosie can barely get her nose more than half-an-inch off the ground after a rain.



Brinkley needs a little spaniel fur mixed in (just like the Whackadoodle!)


e.a.f. said...

Dogs are good to walk. The doodle has lovely eyes! O.K. they could be scary on a lonely road,

its the walk at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. I'm not fond of, but on the other hand, at those times of the night and its raining the dog, just steps to the nearest plant and comes in again and he is very cute.