Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Trumping It Up!


Does this mean that our fine Premier no longer wishes to be known as the Iron Snowbird?



Hugh said...

Will Rogers — 'When you find yourself in a (LNG) hole, quit digging.'

RossK said...




Anonymous said...

CC is finally receiving some mention on Global & CKNW with respect to her high flying ways. As mentioned a few days ago by Bob Mackin the so-called Premier is spending tax dollars like a Queen when it comes to private jets etc.
And what are some of the comments on the Global News site...... love this one

Jim Froome · University College of the Cariboo
Who does that dingbatshit crazy twit think she is???

I hope her multi million dollar PR team reads that one.

Guy in Victoria

cfvua said...

I have to think back to Allison Redford who was canned for using a government owned KingAir turboprop a whole lot less. Even if you add in the hefty return flight from Africa, which was on a jet one would assume, Premier Clark has a substantially larger amount of frequent flyer jet points built up. An interesting sidebar would be seeing who the beneficial owner/party supporters of said jets are. Keep in mind that most medi-vac flights in BC are done using a contracted KingAir. Would seem to make sense to contract one for the Premier to have access to. I ,ran if it was good enough for a rich province like Alberta back then, why not here?

RossK said...

And who, exactly, are we paying to rent those planes?


e.a.f. said...

Saw old Presto on the news last night bad mouthing Obama. Terrible manager that man, according to old Preston.

This is the second picture of the photo op queen in a long jacket. Lets hope she has given up on the short jackets. They didn't do her any favours.

The difference between Alberta and B.C. is the media in Alberta gave the "jet" a tad more play. Albertans also have a different attitude towards that sort of thing, jets, etc.

As Ralph Klein used to say, he wasn't going to go travelling on Alberta taxpayers money. Oil companies, knew where he was, in his office and they could come and see him.

The B.C. media does not report news which is important to the public. Many simply do not know about photo op queen's need to be royal. She is totally out of touch with reality. One might even say delusional. she jets, kids and disabled do without.

Really like Jim Fromm's position.