Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's That Huge Sucking Sound Coming From The Empty Sparkle Pony Corral?


We who have been reading Norm Farrell's stuff know all about the massive subsidies that the Clarklandians have been giving to the oil and gas industry and how few jobs British Columbians have received in return.

And now?

Well, this, from Jonny Wakefield of the Alaska Highway News:

B.C. is on course to post some of its lowest oil and gas revenues in recent memory after another lacklustre land sale.

The province brought in $548,187 in its September oil and gas land auction, an improvement over recent months but anemic compared to the $25 million pulled in this time last year...


Would'a thunk it.

As for the subheader? All is historically explained, kinda/sorta....Here. 



Grant G said...

Sparkle ponies have lost their sheen...More bad news on the LNG front.


1:59 pm, February 16, 2016 Delete

Anonymous said...

VP gives a historical look at at how gas drilling revenue is booked.