Sunday, February 21, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Return Of The Old Turdstormer.


Firstly, a wee reminder just in case you've forgotten where the moniker came from in days of yore (i.e. before the last provincial election):

And with that, let's return to the present, with an assist by Mr. Smyth in today's Province:

...As for liquefied natural gas, (Dipper finance critic Bruce) Ralston said the NDP is against the Pacific Northwest LNG project because of environment concerns at that particular site.

That doesn’t mean the NDP is opposed to LNG in principle, he said, adding the party supports the Shell-backed LNG project near Kitimat.

“That’s a brownfield industrial site,” Ralston said. “It has both federal and provincial environmental approval and is strongly supported by First Nations and by the community.

“That’s one that we would like to see go ahead.”

But Energy Minister Bill Bennett scoffs at that, pointing out the NDP promised a “scientific review” of fracking, the controversial method of extracting natural gas for LNG production.

“How can you support LNG but not support fracking?” Bennett said. “You can’t have LNG unless you have the natural gas.”

But wait. The NDP said they’re not opposed to fracking; they just want to make sure it’s not poisoning B.C. groundwater.

Bennett scoffs again.

“We know fracking is safe,” he said. “There have been all kinds of studies done. The drilling of gas in this province is so deep, we know it doesn’t affect groundwater.”...

Leopard, spots (turd coloured or not) and all that I suppose.

And in other not-news...Don't know about you but, despite the best attempts by the usual suspects, I can feel the Lotuslandian proMedia turning against bald-faced Clarklandian codswallop a degree or seven...More on that later.



Anonymous said...

nat gas 1.80

and how many million of liters of water monthly?

Anonymous said...

Site C (Site Christy ? )
Site C nation by political donation?

Lew said...

Confirmed. Bill Bennett is a shallow drinker.

Anonymous said...

Perception politics?

e.a.f. said...

referring to the official opposition as turds lacks a bit of class, but then I'd suggest Bennett and the majority of the B.C. Lieberals lack that.

Bill Bennett, doesn't seem to understand things grade 5ers do, so perhaps he isn't as smart as a grade 5 student. But then he maybe at the same level as the Premier, also not as smart as a grade 5er.

Lenin's Ghost said...

We can go on and on about the lieing sacks of shite. The real issue for me was the poor handling of the the issue by the dippers in the last campaign. All they had to say is that they would support environmentally/economically viable projects rather than looking like wishy washy twits. Lost them the election.
Tommy D. Give me strength!

Hugh said...

Every one knows LNG is a bad idea. Fracking, water pollution, waste of energy, zero return, GHG emissions.

Australia is a major LNG exporter. Look at how their debt is racking up. It's growing at $10,000 per second:

Grant G said...

Gas companies not paying Alberta landowners their due lease money(gas wells on private land)..Gas companies claim poverty..

Taxpayers now on the hook for the delinquent lease money..

BC Harbinger?

cfvua said...

Landowners in BC already having to pay taxes owed by deadbeat producer. Same producer offering take it or leave it vendor payment discounts.
Wait for land handoffs back to taxpayers so clean up liabilities are walked away from. Shut in production. Declare bankruptcy. Voila. Escape pain free with a profit.