Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Day's Prediction In Clarkland: Why Cookie Dough Mike's MSP Relief Initiative Will...

...Be A Sham.


Update: 6pm Budget Day...Why it is, indeed, a sham

First, the real thing, brought to you by the MoCo:

The idea of collecting medical premiums is dated but one that persists because governments don't like raising taxes, especially not for the wealthier portion of the population, says one health policy expert...

Then there's this, from the Deflector Spike Word Salad Spinner-In-Chief herself:

..."Here is the thing about the MSP system. It is antiquated. It is old, and the way people pay for it generally doesn't make a whole ton of sense, so therefore it is really hard to try and make the sensible changes that we need to do."...

In other words, despite the small amount of relief that will come for a sliver of single parent families later today, this is really all about the small percentage of folks in this province that are well off.

Which has me wondering what it would take to get the majority of the BC Liberal's electoral base to understand that they have been voting against their own best interests, lo these many years.


Did someone say something about a 'Club'?



Lew said...

The six-year contract with HPAdvanced Solutions was due to expire in 2016. We pay them to administer and collect MSP premiums. About $150,000,000 per year, although last year it was $183,375,051. Probably not all of it for MSP, but no doubt the lion’s share.

The employees there are unionized (BCGEU) and they signed a new five-year contract in April 2015, expiring on March 31, 2020.

If the BC Liberals also signed a new long-term contract with HPAdvanced Solutions to administer and collect the premiums, should we not infer from that the plan was always to tinker around the edges for show at best?

RossK said...


Excellent point Lew. Thanks.


Grant G said...

Sparkle ponies have lost their sheen...More bad news on the LNG front.


Hugh said...

Budget is balanced but total BC debt is growing by $billions. How to square that circle?