Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BC Hydro Declares...'We Did Not Have Temporary Foreign Worker With That Contractor!'


From the lede of Justine Hunter's latest in The Globe:

BC Hydro is attempting to sidestep any controversy about the use of temporary foreign workers on its $8.8-billion Site C dam project with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the Opposition New Democrats say.

In response to a Freedom of Information request, BC Hydro told Adrian Dix, the NDP’s critic for the Crown corporation, that it does not collect data about the number of temporary foreign workers its contractors hire...


What does Jessica McDonald's BC Hydro say about this latest development?

Let's check, shall we:

...BC Hydro said on Monday it has not hired any temporary foreign workers...


Did you notice that they didn't use the word 'contractor' in their response?

Luckily Ms. Hunter checked the record regarding precisely what Ms. Macdonald's spokesthingy once said about that word and collecting data associated with it in the past:

...A BC Hydro spokesman for the project said last September the corporation would collect work-force data from its contractors regularly and publicly report it. However, officials would not provide any data on Monday...

Imagine that.

Don't know about you, but I can really really the herd turning...Heckfire, even the Dean has started to limit his but the NDP in 1993-type rejoinders in his copy.



North Van's Grumps said...


Page 207 of 473
10.4 Employment, Labour Markets and Local Residents

The potential labour supply for the Project would be Canadian workers with the required skills and occupational training.

Labour demand corresponds to the number of skilled positions at the required time to build and operate the Project, plus supplier demand (indirect) and consumer (induced) activities supported by Project expenditures.

RossK said...

Thanks, as always, NVG--


e.a.f. said...

of course there are going to be TFWers. The contractors are foreign corporations and under the free trade deals they can bring in their own workers. All they have to say is they are "necessary to their operation". The Canadian government doesn't get to question it. The just come on in.

That was the case either last year or the year before when an American company brought in 6 workers, "specialized" they were. (Prince George) A little research cleared it up. No specializations, former postal worker, farm/ranch worker, etc. The bonus was Immigration had to let in the guy on the Sex offender list. The trade deal says we can't stop it.

So on top of TFWers we could also be getting any number of criminals and nothing we can do about it. Does any one really think corporations or Christy won't bring in Phillipino welders who they can pay half of what they pay Canadian workers. They have had welding schools going for several years in Asia, with Canadian welding certification officers, on site.

A large corporation, simply takes their employees from one country, transfers them on paper to the country Canada has the trade deal with and in they come.

By the time any one figures it out, they'll have done most of the work and we get to pay for it. We have 40 thousand laid off oil field workers but they won't be working any Site C dam, trust me on that one. The plan never was to hire Canadians. It was to build a dam at the least cost to contractors. I do hope our B.C. politicians are getting something for this because I hate to think they are selling out Canadians for free.

Chuckstraight said...

As an old building trades union guy, I am disgusted completely.
1- Site C is not needed
2-it will be built with non-union/temporary foreign workers

The BC Liberals have systematically went after unions since the arrival of Gordon Campbell , who in my opinion should be in jail for ever.

Anonymous said...

Love that title!!!!!!!