Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...If She's Got A Blacklist I Wanna Be On It.


Like a lot of folks who have been paying attention I jumped on the bandwagon last night and started making jokes about the how the short pants boys 'n girls have come west to Clarkland after it was reported that the BCL gov't had hired a bunch of former Harper operatives.

But what got lost in the shuffle was the specifics.

Like the following from Cassidy Olivier's origin story in The Province:

...Included in the wave (of Clark Gov't 'Order in Council' hires) is Nicholas Koolsbergen, Harper’s former director of issues management, who once made headlines for purportedly co-writing a memo requesting government staff to develop “enemy” lists for incoming ministers...

Enemies lists?


You bet.

The following is from a piece by Josh Wingrove in the Globe in July of 2013:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Office is once again under fire after it sent a memo asking for lists of “enemy stakeholders” for new cabinet ministers – a request one union leader says is unprecedented and another sign of the Conservative government’s combative nature...


... The main memo was signed by Nick Koolsbergen, an “Issue Manager” in the PMO, and sent by Erica Furtado, an executive assistant in the PMO’s issues management section...


If such a Clarklandian list were to be assembled I, for one, would be honoured to be on it.

Unfortunately, as the proprietor of an F-Troop list blog in obscuria, we all know that will never happen.

But I'm pretty sure Mr. Olivier would be on it.

And here's hoping a whole passel of Lotuslandian proMedia members will end up on it in the end as well.


Now is the time at PGaz when we dance to the Bard of Barking (the line from the header to this post is not in this version, but who the heckfire cares)...

My favourite time a journalist found out they were on an enemies list?...When CBS' Dan Schorr ran out onto the Senate steps during the Watergate hearings while waving a Nixonion 'Enemies List'...He was in such a live-feed hurry that he read the list for the first time in front of the cameras and surprised himself when he read #17....Why?...Because it was him, with the descriptor 'a real media enemy'...Turned out Paul Newman was #18.



Anonymous said...

Say " YES " to more Stephen Harper government by bringing to BC, the Harper team of Conservative government advisors to the Christy Clark team. Photo-op to follow.
The NDP should jump on this at every opportunity and remind taxpayers that Christy Clark wants Harper politics in BC.

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...


And, if you want to ensure that you can have them for your Campaign team, why not get them on board, at British Columbians' expense, a year or so early.


Bill said...

Ross if you do not object... I am going to nominate you to 'The List'.

Get going on your acceptance speech. Ala Sally Fields Osca maybe... 'They hate me, they really hate me'.

RossK said...




sd said...

I bet the keefer is feeling a bit left out.Maybe they'll ask him about those damn bloggers.

North Van's Grumps said...

Guy in Victoria... are you a distant relation to Don Guy, recent of Ontario's Laura Miller, both hired to run the campaign for Christy Clark in 2013, but Don Guy first did a stint as an OIC appointee to the Premier's Office then slid sideways?

RossK said...


I am almost certain that our Guy is most definitely not that Guy.



See following 'smart' guy post (just because we would never want to be accused of leaving the Keef out of anything!)


Lew said...

So Christy developed a pressing need for more parasites just as a new crop became available.

Another one of her connected coincidences.

RossK said...


Which, perhaps, explains why that PAB-Bot bill keeps on rising faster than anybody can even begin to figure out how to print up a few bus passes that are desperately need by people with disabilities.


J MacDuff said...

Anybody have the cost of PAB over the last 3 years? Would be interesting with all the talk about "choices" with transportation when you are disabled.

Anonymous said...

NVG, yes I'm originally from Ontario, the home of Frank Mahovlich, one of the great hockey players. And I've never voted Liberal in my life so I don't qualify to be a friend of CC or her gang.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

neo liberal
liberal republicans

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Bring a Harperland reject to the BC Liberal fold. Somebody from the NDP should be all over this. We as a country "turfed" Harper and his ilk for obvious reasons.
Christy is next..especially if her and the "sparkle pony crew" hire the "crash and burn" crew members from the Harpertist ideology movement of ridiculous governance.
These clowns have to go, the sooner, the better...are you listening John Horgan?