Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Keef Report...At Least He Didn't Call Her A 'Community Organizer'.


What was this one all about, Alfie?


Laila, after receiving a tip from someone on the ground, asked the Twittosphere if anybody knew anything about the composition of the reported 'long lines', and whether or not anyone had been paid to stand in them, at Site C jobs fairs up north.

This led to a whole lot of back and forth that involved the skepticism of the good Mr. Baldrey and the Alaska Highway News' Jonny Wakefield.

None of which I have any problem with.

What I do find bothersome, however, is the ad hominem dismissal of anything that Ms. Yuile has to say about Site 'C' because she is an 'activist'.

Oh, and, for the record....

Please note precisely what Mr. Wakefield had to say to Mr. Baldrey after he went full-metal Keef.

'Community Organizer'?....Well....You know.
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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Baldrey the Good: hey since Bill Bennett is gone somebody has to keep their eye out for Bad BCers.

Anonymous said...

Baldrey's an idiot. Along with a few others who are "journalists", or put themselves out that they are. lol

Chuckstraight said...

Baldrey is a corporate lap dog. Site C is not required. Continued economic growth is not sustainable.

Lew said...

This would be the same Keef whose eyes popped out of his head at natural gas figures presented in the latest budget. Figures that Norm Farrell has been presenting and many have been discussing as a result for years.

Keef has yet to learn that true journalists look everywhere and track down all leads and angles to stories. Not just info that is whispered into their ears or delivered beneath a BC government press-release masthead. That way they establish a solid track record; not a reputation as a BC Liberal lickspittle quickly jumping on cue to the government’s defence as and when required.

RossK said...



Hadn't thought of that angle.


Anon-Above & Chuck--

In this case I think this type of behaviour might be analagous to what we in the academic business call a 'discipline protection project' which involves the things that old guards in dying fields do to protect their turf and, just as importantly for them, keep it free of interlopers.


RossK said...


Aaaahhhh, yes.

You have put your finger on a very different thing entirely.


Anonymous said...

mushrooms hate sunshine

RossK said...


Especially those 'Shrooms hidden away in the darkened, blinkered shed marked 'Insider Access Only'.


e.a.f. said...

Perhaps Laila's blog posts are getting more traction and visits than the B.C. Lieberals and their cheer leaders are comfortable with. why else attack her.

sd said...

Today at 5:00 pm 2-22 this jackass proclaimed that no matter how many times David Suzuki and Chief Stewart protest site C,it was a go. He mentioned the huge lines for the "job fairs" as part of the will to proceed. Gee ,didn't Laila have something to say about this?

cfvua said...

Seems odd that as we are told on a daily basis that there will be local hire, all that is offered is camp. No leaving for any reason. Stay inside the stockade. So much for going fishing after work or participating in any sports or spending time with family. The long line ups made up of many hurtin Albertans and some BC interior folks. Trying to find out if ratepayers got hung with the bill to pay for these circuses. If anybody knows get it out there. Hydro rates shouldn't be going up to assist any out of province contractors with their HR problems.
Baldrey just doing what we've come to expect from him. And what the gliberals expect of him. Fill the courtroom as the injunction hearing proceeds. This is not past the point of no return yet. Hydro is still violating their federal and provincial permits as of yesterday when I viewed all kinds of sediment being created and flowing down the otherwise clean river. Write letters to all federal ministries involved. Remind your MPs of why the government got changed out.