Friday, February 26, 2016

At The End Of The Day...


...I'm really, really story I didn't get downtown earlier this evening to see Charlie Demers' dramatization of Jim (not James!) Green's book 'Against the Tide: The Story of the Canadian Seamen’s Union.'

To my mind, at least, Mr. Green will always be the best mayor that downtown Lotusland never had.



Why didn't I get down to the show?


Damn Grants!

These ones are due Tuesday morning.

And for awhile there I was worried I wouldn't be able to partake in our annual Oscar/C's Birthday party on Sunday night.

But I think everything is OK now because I just shipped the bloody things off to collaborators for one last once over, so they're pretty much all done except for the proofing.

What does this mean for all this rapid-fire, short-attention-span poli-blogging that's been going on 'round here for the last little while?

Well, that will probably all slow down because I won't be chained to my desk 'n box 14 hrs a day seven days a week.

Having said that, I think that a new Lotuslandian poli-bloggodome may be in the cards based, at least in part to....This.

And with that...To all a goodnight....Because I'm now going to finish my beer while I strum the guitar with one ear turned towards my favourite weekly USian poli-pod.


And, for the record (and perhaps to goad him on a wee bit), I very much look forward to Rod Micklburgh's review of tonight's event.



Anonymous said...

Some history of a former mayor..... Man, am I old.

Grant G said...

There will be no LNG terminal FIDs in British Columbia in 2016...Maybe in 2018..That is....If renewables fall a little more in price LNG will be toast...


"Countries like Japan are hungrily eyeing the drop in natural gas prices, confident they will be able to source LNG to meet their energy needs on a competitive basis, particularly as there is a movement away from oil-linked pricing contracts.

Much was made of North America’s LNG potential throughout a session that included Medvedev, Cheniere’s vice-president of marketing, Meg Gentle, and the presidents and chief executives of Centrica and Japan’s JERA, a newly formed joint venture between Tokyo Electric Power and Chubu Electric.

However, it might surprise B.C. Premier Christy Clark to know there was no specific mention of Canada and its proposed LNG projects.

JERA president Yuji Kakimi produced a chart listing five LNG projects in North America, none of them from Canada. Given that the transit time from the coast of British Columbia to Asia is shorter than from the Gulf of Mexico — 9 or 10 days from B.C. versus 20 days from the Gulf — and that JERA plans to import 40 million tonnes of LNG annually, the fact Canada didn’t merit a mention was discouraging."



RossK said...


Thanks for that.

And 'twas fun to read of a young Jack Davis as well.


Got it Grant - thanks.