Sunday, February 14, 2016

Former Bash Brother Weighs In On State Of Vancouver Real Estate Market.


Speaking words of wisdom?

" I use 5:1 ratio of housing value to household income - above that can't be sustained...Vancouver at 11:1 is a hyperbubble. Boom."

Jose C., Las Vegas NV, Feb 10/15


It is THAT Jose C.

Or, at the very least, someone who tweets for him.

And, regardless the true author, the thread below the thing is a laugh riot.



Anonymous said...

I suspect it is someone other than Jose,but I wonder if crusty will bring him in to "advise"?

RossK said...


Well, I guess she could go after the burgeoning PED vote with a pre-election $15 million 'Muscle-Bound Bonanza' featuring, say, celebrity MMA matches and/or slow-pitch home run contests.

Or some such thing.


Bill said...

Favoured slow-pitch home run contestants, media print division... Baldrey, Palmer and Smith with slightly longer odds due for mudder Mason. ConPirates will bet big, put the fix in and clean up. As always citizens will suffer and middle class will pay.

Bill said...


My comment above may make more sense if I had deleted the 'home run' descriptive. The proLiberal promedia lobbers are in a class of their own. It's a no contest.