Friday, February 19, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Who Is Really Paying For The Budget 'Surplus'?


Paul Willcocks, writing in The Tyee, has crunched the numbers and has come up with the answers you most definitely have not seen in the rest of the Lotuslandian proMedia.

Here is is Mr. Willcock's lede, but I highly recommend you click through and read the entire thing:

Christy Clark likes talking about B.C.'s low taxes.

But since she's been premier, a fairly typical retired couple has seen their provincial taxes increase by 19 per cent.

A low-income family with two children has faced an even larger increase, paying 20 per cent more in provincial taxes since Clark's first budget in 2012. That's an increase of 4.6 per cent a year, more than twice the inflation rate.

There is nothing wrong with higher taxes, if they're equitable and the money helps build a stronger society.

But Clark falls down badly on equity, according to this week's budget documents.

While seniors getting by on modest pensions and low-income families have faced 20 per-cent tax hikes, their more affluent neighbours have pretty much escaped tax increases...

Your move Mess'rs Mason, Palmer, Smyth and Baldrey.

Because if you want to stop moaning about how the public just doesn't care, the time for columns  containing real, sustained umbrage is now.


And yes, the sub-header is all Paul's...
Also, here is his original Tweet that started the ball rolling... 
Update Friday Afternoon....And then there is Norm Farrell's analysis...Please note the little nugget about BC Hydro.



Hugh said...

When total BC provincial debt is growing at $2 billion or more every year, there's no surplus.

When contractual obligations pile up to over $102 billion going into the future, there's no surplus.

When BC Hydro is made to take on debt to provide a phony dividend to the province, there's no surplus.

Anonymous said...

bc hydro?/ICBC?

RossK said...


Not to worry...The Dean says it is all just business as usual.


Anonymous said...

business usual may become Greece.

RossK said...

Good point Anon-Above.


Anonymous said...

PW wrote on Twitter: "Five years after scandal, BC budget quietly cuts per-client funding for Community Living BC´s work with developmentally disabled"

I don't get the reference - what's he saying?

RossK said...


I think it is the story about how adult disabled were thrown out on the street. It came to the public's attention due to the great work of the VTC's Linsay Kines.

I wrote about it....Here.

(I've asked Paul if this is what he meant on the Twittmachine).


RossK said...

Just went back and read the post linked to in the comment above.

I'm really and truly outraged by the heartlessness of it all over again.


Anonymous said...

US politics for President

In the NOW Canada-cy

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ross for following up with PW on the developmentally disabled funding, and for linking to your previous post. Is 'lynx' still active?

RossK said...

Paul has confirmed, via the Twitmachine, that this was the scandal he was referring to.

He also pointed out that Mr. Kines' work put a stop to ridiculous sudden practice of throwing adult disabled folks out of group homes they had been in for years and, in some cases, decades.


Haven't heard from 'lynx' for awhile, but folks tend to pop back up sooner or later.

Heckfire!....Even heard from Lenin's Ghost the other day.


e.a.f. said...

The B.C. Lieberals are so out of touch with real life, they probably believe their own press.

On the other hand, they do want to keep their supporters happy and they aren't those living on disability pensions of $908 per month.

Children whose parents are on welfare are still living at 50% below the poverty line.

The budget does nothing to improve their lot in life. I'm an atheist, however, if I'm wrong and there is a heaven or hell, I do hope the B.C. Lieberal caucus goes to hell for they have forced many in this province to live in it now.

No child deserves to live in the poverty Christy and her B.C. Lieberals force them to. I do wonder what a bunch of doctors would say about the health and bodies of the children who have now grown up in this type of poverty for 10 years. it would be interesting to get a report on that. Then perhaps those children could sue the provincial government.

It is not nice to wish pestilence and pain on anyone, but you know those B.C. Lieberals would deserve some of that stuff just for what they have done to some people in this province.

the photo op queen said they had to "grow the economy" before the could raise welfare and disability rates. Well she has $100 M. for a "prosperity fund" so I'd say we have "grown the economy" even if she is being less than truthful. We did grow the economy enough to spend $600M on films, $100M for tech stuff, $15M for music. Kids at 50% below the poverty line, nothing. I guess the B.C. Lieberals don't know what children are. Well they are young human beings who can't go out and get a job, because they are too small and/or young.

One of these days even Keith and the rest of them will figure out we are Detroit North.