Monday, February 15, 2016

This Decade In Clarkland...The Long Tail Of Bad Policy.


From Nelson Bennett's latest in BIV:

...Industrial demand for power in B.C. is falling, thanks to the closure of mines and pulp and paper mills, which are both big electricity consumers. Moreover, the B.C. government and BC Hydro decided to put all of their eggs in one basket in meeting future energy demands with a single megaproject: the $9 billion Site C dam.

That has effectively killed the prospects of new wind power projects being funded for at least a decade, according to (the Canadian Wind Energy Association) CanWEA .

“In B.C., I would agree with CanWEA’s assessment that the opportunity is, at a minimum, uncertain and seems to be relatively far out in time,” said Dan Woynillowicz, policy director for Clean Energy Canada. “Over the past several years, I would concur that [based on] the signals from the provincial government and from BC Hydro, there’s fairly limited near-term opportunity.”...

But, then again, I suppose sending all the big guys packing just might open things up a little more for those who could benefit from the shoveling of more of our money off the back of makeshift podiums.

Or some such thing. 



Anonymous said...

the wind blowing at the premeires back leaves a lot open to interpretation.and no geothermal to boot.

Port Melon closing?

BC hydro Quarterly last came out 70 days after end of quarter

Anonymous said...

The wind leaving Chrustys mouth, and the wind leaving Herbies butt would be enough to supply the power for most of Victoria. They should have a wind mill on the lawn of the provicial building. On second thought that wouldn't work. The lieberal government is never in session anyway. Back to the drawing board.

e.a.f. said...

if the B.C. Lieberals started taxing raw logs leaving B.C. at a decent rate perhaps they wouldn't have to raid B.C. Hydro for funds or they could insist the logs be milled right here in B.C. Just think of the living wage jobs and taxes which could be collected.

As electrical rates rise people reduce their consumption. Whose going to buy all that electricity Christy wants to generate with Site C. Whose going to pay for Site C, if no one is buying electricity. If electrical rates keep going up, it will actually be cheaper to install solar panels.

Sure would be funny if Christy built the dam, First Nations sued, and the courts gave the First Nations the dam as damages.

In a world with increasing drought and food shortages you really have to wonder what sort of an idiot floods farm land? Oh, right a b.C. Lieberal.

RossK said...


Maybe we could power a small town or three in the Peace by transducing the idiot winds that wind-up the Clarklandian spin machine into actual electricity.

Wouldn't that be ironic in the extreme.

Not to mention rich.