Friday, February 26, 2016

Fairly Recently Minted Blogger Hits Proverbial Nail On Head Re: How To Fix Our Body Politic.


From a recent post by blog crawl denizen Merv Adey:

"...(I)t’s my opinion that the only way we in BC will get a more honest, more competent government than we currently have, is for the public to hammer the big media, and especially the television media, with demand for more aggressive reporting. If I could make it happen because a few bloggers and independent internet news sites do very well at countering government spin, there would be no need for public appeal. But it’s not enough. I don’t much care, quite honestly , if the government of the day is a bit right wing, or a bit left wing. I am left of centre on most policy issues, it’s true. But what really burns me is a dishonest and corrupt government.

We must all demand better. We won’t have good government until we have better media. If you’re reading this, the next time you see a story glossed over, under-reported, or not reported at all…. Do us all a favor and raise your voice. Raise it directly with news providers. We can tolerate policy differences. We shouldn’t tolerate a media that doesn’t care when the government is incompetent or corrupt..."

I've been trying to figure out a way to say this, both to myself and to the folks I know, up close and personal, who get tired of my never ending keyboard banging, for quite some time now.

The above couple of paragraphs fits the bill perfectly.

Thanks Merv.

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Lew said...

Yes. Thanks Merv. Well said as usual.

RossK referenced Club Med in his post on Hydro’s evisceration by Norm Farrell earlier today.

The local media for the most part belong to Club Meh.

RossK said...




Anonymous said...

Thanks. I confess I get tired of being tired of "Club Meh". Really tired.

But it matters. The press at its best is one of the mainstays of accountability in society. When that's forgotten, by it's management, it deserves to fail and be replaced. Despite the gargantuan efforts of the "non-accredited, credibility free bloggers", yourself and myself included, I can't yet see the Good Ship Global Replacement on the horizon..I'll keep searching though - Merv

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the media is not there to report the news, investigate issues, or ask difficult questions.
Their job is to make money and to influence public policy on behalf of their owners, many of whom benefit from those very same policies.
If you want a free, independent press, you have to create it yourself and pay for it. The Tyee is a good example, but they don't have enough subscribers.


Grant G said...

Talk about a timely posting Mr. K...You know, bad media, or should I say media personalities for hire...I present you Vaughn Palmer...promoting Christy Clark and the upcoming book by Judy Tabji..

insert Barf bag here