Friday, February 26, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Forever 21?


After handing folks with disabilities a measly $77 dollars per month that, in and of itself, was outrageous after nine years of nothing, Clarklandian Minister of Misery Mike de Jong used his other, presumably more grimy, hand to simultaneously take away $52 per month.

And the high-priced Clarklandian flack-hackery continues to spin the resulting $25 increase as generous.

Not to mention the pseudo-factoid that, as the Minister of Misery said at the time, those folks could 'choose' whether or not they needed to have have a transit pass anyway.

But now, well....

Given that we are all contractually obligated (thanks GordCo, Inc.!) to pay the cronies market value plus billions for their risk-free IPP booty, there is this:

So, now, with this second clawback in two weeks, it looks like persons with disabilities are down to $21.

Unless, of course, they 'choose' not to have electricity.

Of course, the above quoted BC Hydro CEO was once a card carrying member of the GordCo, Inc. executive branch....Imagine that! 
And, of course (the 2nd), we all know that the clawbacks will not end at $21 for anywhere near forever...Personally, I'm making book on the next hit coming before Ms. Clark can make her next ridiculous Good Friday announcement about 'hard work', or some such thing.
Update: Then again, why wait for a Good Friday announcement.....Sheesh.



Lew said...

Just think what BC residents would have to say if Ms. de Silva and her peers at CKNW ever started actually doing some work and reporting à la Norm Farrell instead of just reading out a quote from the BC Liberal CEO seedling.

Anonymous said...

pseudo-factoid clarification:

Factoid was coined by Norman Mailer in his 1973 biography of Marilyn Monroe. Mailer described a factoid as "facts which have no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper"