Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Keef Report...Keeping Uppity Club Members Down On The Farm.


It started when, early on in the process (note the date stamp), CKNW's Shane Woodford had the audacity to tweet-up his shop's story about the Dippers calling for an investigation into Lotuslandian Real Estate practices:

Which brought a pretty swift response from the Keef:

After some back and forth Mr. Woodford did not back down, citing the original Globe story from KTomlinson published on Feb 6th and the subsequent chatter on social media:

Which led to a further response from the Keef:


Given what the BC Liberal government ultimately decided to do re: 'investigating', etc., some might be thinking that Mr. Baldrey will be excoriating the Clarklandians from here to May of 2017 and repeatedly telling the public that said Clarklandians are 'doomed' for running a social media-driven, word salad spinner deflector spike-spun PR....errrr...policy machine.

Which is entirely possible, I suppose.

However, I would suggest that those thinking such a thing should not hold their breath for the duration.


You can go have a look at the entire Twittmachine thread....Here....It is rather illuminating that Mr. Baldrey later responds to Rod Mickleburgh's denunciation of the sham inquiry by stating that 'somethin's better than nothing I guess'....Hmmmmm....Does this mean that purposefully obfuscatory 'spin' is actually better than nothing in Keef World?....Gosh, that can't possibly be the case can it?....Except for, well....You know.
There is a Lotuslandian proMedia 'Club'?....You bet there is.



Lew said...

Funny how Keef is normally all-a-Twitter about social media except when a Globe and Mail story is lighting it up. Doesn’t seem to occur to him that increased traffic on social media might indeed be a good indicator of high public concern.

Hope he’s right (there’s always a first for everything) about the doomed government part though.

Anonymous said...

Queeph is a columnist, not a journalist.

He doesn't need facts, just a consistent point of view.
Since he's always kissing ass, the view never changes and all he can write is shit.

Bill said...

Goliberal Chief 6pm news reader Chris Galius always has an enthusiastic chat with GoLiberal Ledge Chief Political reporter Mr Baldrey. A few shallow lobs to the all knowing somewhat disinterested Baldrey are served up. Baldrey spins back the scoop and insight. The Christy Pirates messaging is delivered to all of us in the bleachers. Mission accomplished.

It is sure a lot more interesting in the twitterverse when there is a knowledgeable response that actually questions and calls out the party lien. Keith simply underestimated or deliberately got this latest news scandal wrong. Missing the mark on purpose?

Grant G said...

Excuse my French....Keith Baldrey is a godamn effing BC Liberal Party mole...He should be fired from Global BC...Keith Naldrey has no credibility..

Remember the October 19th/2015 Federal Election...Canada said fuck you Harper, and fuck your big oil pimping NEB, the captive regulator..

Baldrey actually quotes the NEB as source material for predicting LNG terminals and pipeline..

Balderdash's column appears to be written by Rich Coleman or Christy Clark...It is a pathetic article, no thought, no facts, just NEB quotes..

By the way...BC Liberals are currently flooding the local TV airwaves with....You guessed it..

BC Government advertising...Well Golleeeeeeee Andy, what a coincidence!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Since, or perhaps just before, Canadians switched brands at the federal and Albertan level, the brand in charge of our province, who can hear the train a-rollin' down the tracks towards them just fine thank you, have been busy putting together a new package to sell to the sure got suckered good last time people in 2017. The only way to do that is by listening to the people and getting with the times. Times that have changed a fair bit in the last 2 1/2 years. Just ask your neighbours.

Anonymous said...

the 5th estate to the rescue

dont investigate just report the news?

Kim said...

Speaking of Glowball, I actually saw Steve Darling admit that his favourite politician was Rich Coleman.

How's that for fair and balanced? Ever seen them interview BCTF? Hostile.

RossK said...


We both know that it is highly unlikely that Mr. Baldrey will work his derriere off to ensure that his prediction of doom does not come to pass.


Anon-At-The-Top and Grant G--

Not so sure about the stolidity of viewpoint, be it political, ideological or otherwise...Interestingly, once the calls for an inquiry started to come in from all quarters, Mr. Baldrey changed his tune quite dramatically.




That's the thing, eh?

Of course, those inquiring folks with a point of view and an actual memory can always be blocked on the Twitmachine.




Which is why it is imperative that fine folks in the proMedia like Mr. Baldrey should, IMHO, be doing their darndest to rip off that packaging and show us what is really going down.



It's all in the stenography, eh?




Wonder why, exactly, Darth V. is the good Mr. Darling's fave?


Unknown said...

Yes, Baldrey dismisses social media chatter as irrelevant and something his beloved Liberals should never listen to let alone consider when policy making. I noticed however that throughout his threads is the hash tag "bcpoli" which I'm sure stands for "bc politics." Which leads me to believe that his words are meant for an audience who are actually interested in BC POLITICS! Which further leads me to believe that the hash taggers probably vote in most elections with a memory about what has gone on in the unhallowed halls of Victoria these last few years. Keef tweets while Sam Cooper scoops

Anonymous said...


Baldrey: "A government that makes policy decisions based on social media is doomed".

Wonder what Baldrey, would think of the link, following the comment below, posted on the CBC story: "BC Petition calls for an end to MSP Premiums."?

Seems that his Corporate Masters understand the "influence' of social media. Why would someone who dismisses its value, flog his scribble via same?

In case y'all don't haunt the CBC comments page, the "Smart One Two" parody account: The SHILL 0ne T0O ©**
()()()()() ++++++$$$$$+++++++()()()()(), takes the Mickey out of the ubiquitous "Smart One Too ", the BC Liberal 's Digital Influencer in Chief, on that forum, where he elevates playing with "facts" to an art form.

-The SHILL 0ne T0O ©**()()()()() ++++++$$$$$+++++++()()()()(

"And now the facts:

In BC, a person earning $30,000 per year pays the same MSP premium as someone earning $300,000 per year.

MSP payments are not funneled to health care, they are put into general revenue.

MSP payments are the most regressive tax currently happening in North America.

Thank you.

p.s. Don't forget to "Like" my page! "