Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Day In Clarkland... Is There A Method In The Dean's Madness?


First, in his analysis of a book on the rise of the (so-called) BC Liberal Party by Wilf Hurd, comes the madness:

...“I always viewed Gordon Wilson as a political force of nature,” says (Christy) Clark. “I saw first hand how hard he worked and how often he was out there shaking hands. No matter what the setback, he was prepared to work even harder.”

She cites Wilson, whom her government has lately employed as a $150,000-a-year advocate on liquefied natural gas, as inspiration for her own winning campaign against Adrian Dix and the New Democrats in 2013.

“The leader can carry an election and we often underestimate this … I felt that people needed to see me, to hear what I stood for and to learn where I thought the province needed to go. I wanted to make people understand who I really was, without the media filter, and that my mission wasn’t just about ‘fighting with the other guys’ it was to explain and define our mission.”

Speaking of the media filter, the 1991 experience supplied her with a healthy perspective in that regard as well.

“The media and particularly the press gallery in Victoria just trashed Wilson,” recalled Clark. “They wrote him off as irrelevant with no mainstream connections and backers and not up to the task.”...

Next, the Dean's method, laid bare for all to see:

...I covered that (1991) campaign and would note that the coverage was even rougher on Social Credit, while Wilson benefited from favourable burst of coverage late in the campaign. But these are Clark’s memoirs, not mine...

Do you see what the good Mr. Palmer of the Vancouver Sun did there?

And what, exactly, is the problem with a never ending strategy that consists of feigned jabs followed by immediate galloping runs for the neutral corner?...Well, it allows the usual suspects to tweet up codswallop like...This.
And can you imagine how different British Columbia's body-politic would be if the usual suspects actually had their words, deeds and actions subjected to real scrutiny and fearless hard-headed analysis by fine folks like the Dean and his colleagues?



Lew said...

It’s hard to believe Vaughn Palmer’s employer would keep him on the payroll to keep writing embarrassments like this latest, so there must be an ulterior motive. Getting Christy’s self-aggrandized version of herself publicly blessed by the Dean while propping up the nepotistic $150K/yr LNG appointment of the “political force of nature” Gordon Wilson seems to be the goal.

Her view of the 2013 election: “I wanted to make people understand who I really was, without the media filter…” WTF?? A ”journalist” lets this bullshit slide without comment?

Palmer writes, “Clark formed lasting political bonds in 1991, starting with the ‘now legendary road trip’ where she and fellow organizer Mike McDonald toured the province drafting candidates to fill out the Liberal slate…McDonald remains an ally to this day, manager of her successful bid for the party leadership and later of the 2013 election.” But Palmer fails to mention how those lasting political bonds resulted in the ally’s wife being appointed CEO of BC Hydro, despite no experience whatever in running a multi-billion dollar public utility. Or how that might factor into the current ongoing ruin of that formerly stable Crown jewel.

Palmer’s excuse for what he must know is nothing more than journalistic prostitution on his part? “But these are Clark’s memoirs, not mine.”

So why not leave them to Clark and Mr. Hurd?

RossK said...


Why not, indeed?

I wonder...

Is it possible that Mr. Palmer bamboozles himself into writing this stuff by rationalizing that it is the 5% of his readers that already know all the unsaid background and history that he is 'really' writing for?


Bill said...

Palmer and the Pirate Princess Premier - punk the people of BC (again).

Outrageous irony in Christy's self visualization quotes dutifully highlighted by the Dean. Then Palmer makes it a double by pumping the tires of gadabout G Wilson. The 'worth every $100',000' LNG guru and goat herder gets a free pass and sidestepping defense to his latest paid non performance. If there is any consolation in this pathetic puff piece... it is clear from the responding comments of Sun readers that Christy and Palmer are not fooling anyone.

Libs/MSM count on the majority of people to simply read their manufactured double speak and not ask any questions. We have to get the unegaged - educated and engaged. There is clearly more than enough incompetence, corruption and scandal to trump the coming Liberal election vote money and election 'promises'.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it cost CC to have MM tweet that.

Lew said...

Anon @4:34pm:

Maybe she just had to promise not to do this again...

Anonymous said...

One wonders if Wilf's wiff has some meat on Campbell's 1993 trumped up coup d'état.

RossK said...


If Mr. Hurd did obviously that is not a story Mr. Palmer wanted to go after either.


Anonymous said...

Once again, Mr. Palmer to the rescue. Whats next; a book review by the retired Mr. Good.

RS said...

Will the Dean go the way of Smart or the Do-do?

RossK said...


I'd take pretty short odds on the latter...Together with that big buyout in the Postmedia sky that is sure to come (see recent events at the Ottawa Citizen by way of example).