Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Is That What They Teach At The Sorbonne?


Via Mr. Smyth of The Province, our fine Premier explains why the Real Estate Board should just keep on keepin' on:

...Should the real estate industry now be trusted to investigate itself?

“They’re a self-governing profession, just like doctors or dentists,” Clark said. “We’re giving them a chance to fix it themselves.”...


And what are the pre-requisites, exactly, for getting into Real Estate School?

And what does the actual 'degree' consist of, not to mention the post-graduate training?

And isn't it funny that the good Ms. Clark did not mention teachers and self-governance and all that.
The piece by Tomlinson, Stueck and Hunter in the Globe is actually far superior, and gets much closer to the heart of the anti-regulatory matter, than does the usual toss-off from Mr. Smyth...Thing is, the header atop the Globe piece is likely all the Clarklandian Wizards care about ('BC promises action on 'shadow flipping' by province's realtors') because in a land filled with deflector spike spin that need last only 36 hours, max,  nobody really cares about the 2.6% of the electorate that actually reads the articles anyway, right?



Lew said...

At least she’s consistent. Mining and fracking are self-governing professions in her world as well. Look how well that’s going.

Anonymous said...

self governing post secondary education?

John's aghast said...

Sex trade workers too? At least they're dealing with their own 'goods'. Realtors; not so much.
Doctors, dentist and realtors and realtors are self governing. But not prostitutes? C'mon Chrispy. Next you'll be excluding politicians.

RossK said...

J's a--

And what about lobbyists?

After all, some of Ms. Clark's best friends are...


You know.