Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: How Many Zeroes Can A Non-Existent Trillion Dollar Sparkle Pony Hold?


Turns out it can hold quite a few.

Graphical enumerating courtesy the Alaska Highway News' Jonny Wakefield via his Twittmachine feed.



Will or will not Ron Obvious and his fellow Club members actually make this matter in the minds of the voting public?

We shall see.

(but I'm not holding my breath)

And, just because a day without Pammy is like a day without fracking in your basement....This!



Anonymous said...

reelection platform? more giveaway?

just a dead giveaway/

less than zero

below zero


Grant G said...

More about the cancellation of the AltaGas LNG project..

Bottom line..No takers at a profitable price...

Also...The Triton LNG project is cancelled too..

That is two LNG project cancellations in one day..

Grant G said...

Here is a list of LNG projects that are kaput...These projects are still listed on the NEB LNG export license list...Linked directly below


New Times Energy Ltd---(Kaput)

AltaGas DCLNG General Partner Inc., on behalf of AltaGas DCLNG Lease Limited Partnership-(Done like dinner)

Steelhead LNG (E) Inc.---Not

Steelhead LNG (D) Inc.---A

Steelhead LNG (C) Inc.---Chance

Steelhead LNG (B) Inc.---in

Steelhead LNG (A) Inc.---Hell

Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.----Bankrupt and broke

Aurora Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd.----Adios amigos

Triton LNG Limited Partnership-----Died the same day AltaGas died

BC LNG Export Co-operative LLC----No buyers, no money, see ya later..


Threadbare and matte sparkle ponies....Question remains..

What media, or should I say what media personalities will still be serving the BC public CODSWALLOP?

Anonymous said...

Sparkle pony zeros? Nope. That's not zeros, it's pure Liberal horse$hit.

RossK said...


Just had a thought...Givne that non-existent Sparkle Ponies produce no methane....Upstream emissions problem solved!

(coming to a TFletcher-stenoed PAB-Bot-penned press release near you soon?)