Sunday, February 28, 2016

At The End Of The Day...

...I'm still having a bit of hard time dealing with the deep-seated antipathy that so many of the indie musicians that I dig have for Wagon Wheel.


I get that there are a gazillion covers out there.

But does it deserve this, from those indie-incindies (who have actually gone and blown themselves up) over at Couch-By-Couch-West:

...Couch By Couch West was born almost 6 years ago, birthed by a serendipitous inside joke on twitter that was taken way too seriously. Thank god for that. Back then twitter was a different beast. Hell the entire internet was a different beast. Nowadays most of us behind CXCW have quit twitter, for various reasons, and we’ve seen blogs come and go, bands come and go, the rise of genericana, the acceptance of wagon wheel as a legitimate cover (shudder)...


Is there something even better than Wagon Wheel out there that is both easy to play and sing and give you a little audience payback (sometimes literally) just about every time?


Because I think I may have found it.


And, while Couch-By-Couch-West may be 'officially' gone, there are still little DIY gems being posted pretty regularly at #CXCW.



paul said...

Pshaw. Easy, feels good to sing and people like it. Snobs be damned.

North Van's Grumps said...

oh... not the 'Wagon Wheel' from 1963 to tide me over from the Burrard Dry Dock's Canteen on the Federal make work project of TWO Weather ships: Vancouver and Quadra.

RossK said...


Pshaw, indeed!

(still, I like the new found tune as well - a little darker though - pre-sober Isbell)



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