Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Principal Of The Poverty Principle.


First lets have a look, once again, at that propaganda graphic that was being promulgated by the usual suspects on the Twittmachine just as the Clarklandians were releasing their budget yesterday:

Next, lets have a look at what the poverty principal of British Columbia had to say to the pom-pom wavers earlier today courtesy Shane Woodford of CKNW:

Finally, let's peruse a revised version of the graph with  MSP premiums added (that's the hard math part, courtesy Univ of Calgary enconomist Trevor Tombe):

Do you see what I see on those blue bars (curious colour choice that, eh?) at the lower end of the income scale now?

Question is, will anyone in the Lotusdandian proMedia have the non-regressive fortitude to call the principal on it?

And, yes, apparently math (or something like it) is just not simple enough for the Edinburgh- and Sorbonne-educated principal to even begin to consider dealing with her regressive actions...Or some such thing.
Update, 6pm Wednesday...And, right on cue, here comes Mr. Smyth of the Province smirking behind his hand but refusing to call out the Principal for her true principles (or lack thereof).
Updatier, 9pm Wednesday...And then, of course, there's The Keef.  
Updatiest, 8am Thursday...Mr. Mason of The Globe actually does a pretty good job of taking the gov't to task for treating the struggling amongst us like crap, but only on the spending end.



Anonymous said...

We haven't added in the PST yet have we?


RossK said...



Or Hydro.


Anonymous said...

from the 'worth-the-klik' department...

CCPA's Policy Note:
Five surreal moments in BC Finance Minister’s Q & A with journalists

e.a.f. said...

the worst of this budget is the queen of photo ops said nothing about raising rates for the disabled or those on welfare, the majority being children.

Lets see, last year the photo op queen said they'd get increases when "she grew the economy". Well she grew $600 Million for the film industry, grew another $100M for the tech industry, $15 M for her friends in the music industry. Says she has $100 Million for a "prosperty Fund", but not one dam nickel for children and the disabled living 50% below the poverty line.

Christy is a piece of work, that we haven't seen in this province's history, condemning children to live in poverty their whole lives. those on welfare and disability have not had a raise since June 2007, yet she has money for every body else.

I wonder if some doctors or nutriential PhDs. did a study of children who grew up under the "sparkle pony's" queen's decree of poverty and those who ate adequate meals. Wonder if they could get a finding which those children could use in a class action law suit against photo op queen. Now that is a photo op I'd love to see, being sued by the children who she forced to live in poverty, for child abuse.

Anonymous said...

According to Clark, BC is an island of economic wealth and prudent management, so how is that the other provinces at the lower end of the scale are able to operate without MSP premiums or at least with a more equitable contribution format. When it came to providing legislation and a specialized tax for LNG, it was full steam ahead and no barrier was too great. And yet, Clark claims that a basic overhaul of MSP premiums is too dramatic and complicated. A stroke of a pen in the new budget would have done the trick. That's assuming, of course, there was a political will to do so, and there was a genuine desire to serve the citizens of B.C; neither which was part of the Liberal "action" plan to deal with the unfairness of MSP premiums in B.C's latest budget..

e.a.f. said...

an "over haul" might be too complicated for Chrsity, but we can't say she is a mental giant, more like some one who flunked out of college.

With Christy's new "system" she is able to take in more money via MSP while not placing a financial burden on the well to do. Now she has enough money for her "prosperty fund".

It wouldn't be so bad, but there are those of us who pay B.C. MEDIcAL premiums but don't have doctors. They aren't taking new patients. So there you are into your 60s, no doctor, 2 hr waits at the walk in clinic, no one who can really talk to you about your disability, and because its almost impossible to see a doctor--5 minutes at the walk in clinic, you don't get to see specialists. If you have to go to a lab for tests and don't have a computer its another hour to 2 hour wait in a dirty office with staff run off its feet. Then you have to sit around in a pit waiting for another 2 hours. Welcome to b.C.;s health care. Guess the photo op queen doesn't see any opporuntity for photo ops by having clean hospitals or enough doctors or clean labs. At this rate more and more people will simply have to go to the ER to be seen by a doctor because those walk in clinic are just not working. They are over crowded and staffed by doctors who are run off of their feet. there is no continuity of care. You never see the same doctor twice and for this we pay these outrageous premiums no other province in Canada has to pay. Oh, well guess a few more people will have to die before the MSM pays attention and it becomes an election issue.
Going to some walk in clinics first thing in the morning, you have a huge line up of sick, old, disabled, injured people. Then when you see the receiptionist, its a 2 hr wait to see a doctor and you're in pain, or sick or injuired. its not the staff's fault. its Christy and her bunch of dumbies fault.

About all she knows how to do is shovel money off the back of the truck to her friends, in film, music, tech, Bollywood, etc.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Family Values!