Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Flip Wilson Simultaneously Rides And Flogs A Dead Sparkle Pony.


From the MoCo, Lotuslandian division:

It's an LNG opportunities website with no opportunities.

The B.C. NDP says the government has spent more than a million dollars to launch the LNG-Buy BC campaign and website with nothing to show for it.

"The website is very pretty," says NDP Leader John Horgan. "It's populated with pretty images, but when you click on any of the links you get zero."

LNG-Buy BC is supposed to connect people and business looking for opportunities in the LNG sector.

The website was created at a cost of over $850,000, and former politician Gordon Wilson was appointed LNG-Buy BC Advocate at an annual salary of $150,000...


Who was it that flipped for Christy just before the last election again?

And who exactly, is allegedly writing Ms. Clark's super-fine, super-natural biography?




Grant G said...

Mr. K....Let me tell you about Mr Gordon Wilson...As you know, he was an adulterer, he was a BC Liberal party leader when the party was a Liberal party...Gordon Wilson then flipped and became a NDPer...Then Gordon Wilson ran out of money...His Sunshinecoast digs were being foreclosed on...

And yes Gordon Wilson attempted writing in his blog...However, blog writing doesn't pay very much..

Christy Clark..who was in desperate need of all the votes she could find...Christy Clark figured Gordon Wilson could garner some votes for her(she had nothing to lose)

Amazingly, Christy Clark won the election...

Gordon Wilson wanted his due....Christy Clark obliged Gordon Wilson and appointed him LNG promoter/advocate etc etc etc...

And yes, we all know now that LNG is dead....So what to do, what does Christy Clark do?

She now can't cut loose Gordon Wilson, because, you can't stop feeding a dirty, nasty, slimy slithering snake in the grass or it will come back and bite you...

If Christy Clark stopped feeding Gordon Wilson he would turn colours again, ..Green..Orange or Black..

As sure as God made little green apples Gordon Wilson would turn on Christy Clark as soon as the cheques stopped rolling in..

Hence the extension to 2018...Christy doesn't need to worry about the snake no more..


By the way...For those not paying attention...According to the BC Liberals, their new meme...LNG is not about paying off the debt or a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund...

LNG is now about..

"Saving the 13,000 people who work in the natural gas industry in B.C."

My oh my..Gordon Wilson has Christy Clark in the palm of his hand!

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

North Van's Grumps said...



The LNG-Buy BC program was created to connect LNG project proponents with B.C. companies large and small in every corner of British Columbia. It is anticipated that LNG will create up to $1 trillion in economic activity and as many as 100,000 jobs in B.C. over the next 30 years.

WayBackMachine II LNG Buy BC Program


2014, 2015, 2016 Way Way Back

David E said...

There is no sense in flogging a dead horse. BC Liberal version is keep flogging that dead LNG sparkle pony because you can always fool some of the people...

Don't put the cart before the horse. Let the damn sparkle pony push the damn thing if it wants - after all the cart is completely empty.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Petronas, Exxon, Chevron, Shell and others looked down that free sparkle pony's mouth and ran away fast.

You can lead a sparkle pony to water but you can't make it drink especially if that water is full of fracking waste.

Don't change horses midstream. Actually this is not good advice for the Liberals right now. They need to let the dead LNG sparkle pony go and find another one to ride.

I know, dead sparkle ponies can be used for making glue. Lots of glue factories - maybe 10 to 15 of them - will provide a million jobs and gazillion dollars in GDP and a huge prosperity fund.

Once we get a trillion dollar prosperity fund the Liberals might give welfare recipients their bus passes back but I doubt it.

Hugh said...

Why do I feel like I'm in some kind of rip-off carnival where I need to keep my hand on my wallet?

Kristy's LNG House of Horrors! Step right up!


Chuckstraight said...

2 sluts

Anonymous said...

3 ring circus no 5 ring?

Chuckstraight said...

I would think the chapter on Christy`s education will be quite short.

RossK said...

But Chuck...

I would think that the sub-chapter on how Ms. Clark watched Maggie Thatcher from her Edinburgh dorm room will make for absolutely fabulous reading.


Unknown said...

I'm especially looking forward to the chapter on Ms Clark's inspiration for a life in politics received while reading a pirated version of a book entitled The Social Licence of Marie Antoinette, while staying at Le Drop-In Centre Pour Les Drop-Outs located on the Sorbonne campus

RossK said...


Le-Les, indeed.


Apropos of absolutely nothing at all...

Have your read this?


Unknown said...

RossK: I've been following this trial closely apropos of the recent infestation of former HarperDrones into the Liberal fold. Marrisen is a carbon copy of this cabal only from a Liberal point of view. I suppose Tyabji is polishing up her writing skills by crafting sleazy anonymous hate literature in preparation for her piece de resistance, the fictional account of the rise and fall of Our Lady of the Perpetual Photo Op