Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Best Piece You Will Read In The Globe This Week...


...Starts like this:

"The police scanner squawked with bursts of excited voices.

Shots fired. Man down.

Bruce Smillie looked out on a deserted newsroom. The reportorial staff had vanished. His crew was chasing down untold stories in the naked city, or, more likely, sampling some of the sinful temptations available in Vancouver on a Friday evening.

At last, he spotted a waif half-hidden behind a pillar — a long-haired, teenaged cub reporter in torn jeans and sneakers whose voice had yet to crack and did not shave.


You can also read the whole thing over at the author, Tom Hawthorn's, place.


And, for the record, it is also the best human interest piece on the VSun's 100th birthday I have read so far.


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