Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Shorter David Akin On The 'Faked' Oath Producer...


...."We've outed her....She was ours...But now she works for them.....And she seems to have scrubbed her computer before she left us and went over to the other side...So?"

Below are a few of Mr. Akins' actual words, you can go and read them all, here, if you like:

...The person behind our request to broadcast a citizenship ceremony was (then Sun-TV) producer Dayna Gourley, a broadcast veteran who has worked at Global and City TV. On November 9, we were saddened to hear that she was leaving us for CBC, where she works today.

Most of the time, in those 157 pages of records released (to the Canadian Press) under ATI (Access To Information), Gourley’s named is blacked out by the government censors. But on two occasions the censors missed it....

{snippety doo-dah}

...Gourley left no e-mail records behind on this matter on her Sun News computer...

And then along comes Mr. Akin's colleague Mr. Ezra Levant who implies that, because the outed producer now works for the CBC that's what really matters because, as the flying monkeys have been screaming for the last five days, that means the MotherCorp is really the evil mastermind behind the entire staged and faked oath incident that Sun-TV willingly ran.

Which, of course, also means that the CBC must be de-funded.




Chris said...

Maybe all it really means is that Gourley couldn't stomach SunTV any more and finally bagged herself a job at CBC that let her sleep at night .... the dream of so many journalists these days.

RossK said...


I wonder how those still within the organization feel now that they know that, if they do anything 'wrong' that they could potentially find themselves first 'ambiguously' outed and then seriously surrogate smeared for good measure?

Then again.

Maybe the real message is that only 'true believers' need apply.

(or, as you suggest, stay)