Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Things My Kids Tell Me...


So, this morning I put the crazy college kids' station on the microbus radio because Rick Cluff was driving me insane.

As a result, littler e. and I were treated the 'Age of Aquarius' in funked-up German.

Which got me to thinking how, sometimes, everything really is better in German.

Like, say, this:

Which got me thinking even more.

Which is not necessarily a good thing.

For example, in this case I wondered if, maybe, now would be a good time to make 'School of Rock 2, The College Years'.

"Dad!" e. immediately said. "That would not be good."

"Why?" I asked quizically.

"Because sequels always suck, " she said simply.

It was hard to argue with that.

But, as I told Bigger E. on the Email machine a little later, I can't see any real reason to argue against making 'That Thing You Do, Too!'

E., rightly, has not yet responded, likely thinking that this obsession too shall pass.




G West said...

The Cluffmaster will do that to you from time to time; my wife just whacked the radio this morning when she couldn't take another moment of his fawning...that's one fella (like others I can think of) who should never have left the sports beat!

Rusty M said...

For I am ... SPARTACUS!