Sunday, February 12, 2012

Talking (Show) Points Premier....The Table Read


Rumour has it that the script-reading earlier today, in advance of tomorrow's really big show, was an intense affair.

Two of the juiciest bits of gossip that have not been confirmed (nor denied) by either Spike TV or Princess Pammy had The Star screaming for re-writes every five minutes as well as demanding an unheard of 45 second delay lest any of the shills....errrrr...callers make a mistake delivering one of their completely rehearsed, but still completely spontaneous, 'questions'.

Allegedly, this all followed The Star's big blow-up when producers and deputies were sent scrambling after it was discovered that the ghost of Jack (and/or the old morning man who kept his key on his way out the door) left a big, purple throne adorned with a faux diamond-encrusted tiara in the control room overnight.


Just to be clear here....

There is absolutely no truth to the scurrilous suggestion that one of Billy Preston's greatest hits played in the background throughout the festivities...



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