Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Raw Log Diversification Project


The Birdman, Kevin Falcon, swooped into the Okanagan this week to pile on the 'good' news about all the great things he and his BC Liberal Party compatriots have done.

Stuff like this:

...He (Falcon) pointed to efforts to sell wood to China, and open new ports and trade routes, as evidence that the Liberal government has made an effort to diversify the economy and focus on job creation....


There is codswallop.

And then there is pure, gold-plated codswallop of the stinkiest kind.

Frankly, however, I don't even know where to place the claim that 'More Raw Logs' to China = 'Diversification' on the spectrum of the truly putrid.

Especially as more and more mills close.




bewlay said...

Selling out to the "socialists", who just happen to have the not-so-peachiest labour and human rights standards going. One thing they do have, is our old mills, shipped to mainland China.

Just like Harpo and the desert of tar. You can't make this stuff up folks...priceless!

The Chinese must roar with laughter after our trade junkets (where we offload our jobs and resources) in exchange for photo-ops!!!

Anonymous said...

Campbell not only killed our mill industry. China is sending their people to school, to learn English, they will work the coal mines. Their workers, get very little pay. So if any of the mines, going into Northern BC are owned by China, they will bring their own miners.
The Americans did the tear down of the smelter in Kitimat, they too brought their own workers.

China owns a huge chunk of the tar sands. Harper is frantic, to force the Enbridge pipeline through, as well as the dirty Chinese tar tankers.

Harper and Campbell worked as fast as they could, to dismantle BC, before Campbell got the boot. Those two evil entities, have stolen enough from the BC people.

Fadden of the CSIS, warned us about the encroachment of China, into our country. He even named the provinces, BC and Ontario. Harper and Campbell are giving us away to China, on a silver platter.
Canada, has become a first class foolish country.

China is now encroaching on the Philippine islands. There are resources there, and China wants them. The Philippines have asked the U.S. to arm them. They must defend their resources. I wonder, if Harper will bomb China? Instead of Iran? There is tension between the U.S. China and Iran. The Russians say, it would be a bad mistake to attack Iran.

Obama said, he was cutting his military, and Canada must pick up the slack.

Which master will Harper serve?

cherylb said...

I suppose sending raw logs to China could be considered "diversifying" our forests.....

Eleanor Gregory said...

I have for some time recognized the distinct sound of a truck loaded with raw logs as it rumbles along the Island Highway. Always sends a shiver up my spine.

North Van's Grumps said...

Sending Raw Logs is no different than sending raw tar sand and LNG to China. More jobs lost here in BC, AND yet we're penalized by BCUC because WE use TOO much Natural Gas to heat our homes.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sawmilled logs benefit B.C. Especially small town B.C.
Sawn timber further re-manufactured in B.C. benefits us further and further is where we ought to be headed - not backward.

We have never added much value to our forests. Now, thanks to the corporate legislative agenda of the present government we are adding less value than ever and on course to add less value yet.

It is good to know some people give a damn.

Rusty M said...

Today, the old farts all mumble, "Hey, remember when there were salmon ... ?"

Tomorrow, the old farts will all echo, "Hey, remember when there were trees ... ?"

lenin's ghost said...

Come on every corporation!!!!!

Canada's closeout sale.......selling everything off to the lowest bidder!!!!

I used to try to tell new immigrants to Canada to consider this country to have first world money but third world attitudes such as corruption, lack of decent regulation and education.
Soon to a third country where average peeps are slowly all becoming poor as well.
Rightwing nutjobs and bloody christian fanatics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!