Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snooki Busts Budget Lock-Up...


...And All She Gets Is Twelve Lousy Re-Tweets?

As VT-C letter writer Ernie Gorrie made crystal clear yesterday, just like the real (ie. not fake/faux) Snooki in Jersey Shore, Ms. Clark is clearly now the star of a completely irrelevant show* we can call our own:

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has preempted the premier's budget by once again making the B.C. Liberals' financial priorities clear. Wealthy residents get a new tax break of up to $42,500 when they buy a recreational property while thousands cannot afford a home...


*With apologies to the 'real' Irrelevant Show...



Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or throw up, at the stupidity of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

Seems to me, Christy is pulling a spiteful, little vindictive boy Campbell stunt. Do everything hateful to bankrupt this province and the people, on their way out the door.

How much more asinine can the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals get? They are losing supporters, hand over foot.

By all means, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals should give much more to the wealthy. Wealthy people wanting vacation condo's in the sun, should get a break on those too. Is there a limit, of how many vacation condo's the wealthy can buy and get a break? Or is the sky the limit? How many times can the wealthy, line up at the troughs?

Canada is a, disgraceful cesspool of corruption. BC has the honor of winning the prize, for the most corrupt province in Canada.

Grant G said...

Breaking news, Federal NDP memberships surge, especially in Ontario and BC..

Christy Clark hitches her star to the Harper..

Too late, Harper has turned into a black hole, a pariah!