Monday, February 13, 2012

Maybe B.C.'s Pensioners On A Fixed Income Should...

...Just Move To Cuba

In Cuba, they don’t have any income inequality because they are all poor. We want to have an economy that is giving the people the opportunity to advance,”

"...Living in BC, with the HST on pretty much everything, and now all the hikes on utilities, plus health care going up as well...I am losing the battle. I even sold my car. The cost of gas and insurance, is out into orbit. Food costs have mushroomed.

My pension was adequate when I retired. However, the price gouging, is really bad in Canada, and especially bad in BC. But then, everything is bad in BC."

Please remember the following....

Gordon Campbell came back to town last week.

And, despite bogus CKNW talk show host/guest claims to the contrary this morning, nothing of significance has changed since he left.




Anonymous said...

WHOA! A photo of two ****** personified. Amazing what a photographer can capture. Sheesh!


RossK said...


And yet, he or she still can not see the hidden hand of the man with the red tie working the puppet standing to his left....

Maybe it's the focus?