Thursday, February 09, 2012

It Would Appear The Mdme (not)Premier's Math Skills Are Failing....



Well, whaddy'a know.

Pointless initiative #3,459,423, brought to us by the Campbell/Clark Government, has arrived.

Stephen Thompson of the GStraight had the story up first yesterday:

The B.C. government is launching a review as part of an effort to reform the province’s justice system, Premier Christy Clark announced today (February 8).

“We’re engaging in what I think is a pretty important look at out our justice system to try and make it work better,” Clark said during a news conference in Vancouver.

Clark said criminal caseloads and the crime rate have been dropping but problems like court delays and stays of proceedings are increasing.

“The thing is, it just doesn’t add up and we need to get the bottom of that,” she said....

Oh contraire Ms. Clark.

It does add up.

In fact, when you starve legal aid, as your government has been doing for more than 10 years, and couple this with the chronic underfunding of the actual court system that your government has engaged in for your years, it can all be added up very easily

Heckfire, you don't even need a calculator to figure out the answer to this very simple bit of arithmetic*.

And, as Sunny Dhillon pointed out in The Globe yesterday, it certainly does not require you to give $125,000 to a lawyer who is part of a firm that gave generously to your BC Liberal leadership campaign to figure it out either.


*Then again, I suppose it is possible that this could be a really hard problem for someone who may not have learned much basic arithmetic from all those fine institutions of higher learning that they attended but did not graduate from?....(and if you think I'm being overly critical with that bit of snark, please recall that it was Ms. Clark's own minions who kept pushing the names of those institutions in front of our noses at every opportunity during her law firm-assisted 'campaign')


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North Van's Grumps said...

and the results of this commission is to be reported after the next provincial election, in the summer.