Friday, February 17, 2012

Charlie Smith Ask A Question....Mr. Christie Answers.


Charlie Smith, in the GStraight, asks if Christy Clark lacks the 'Gravitas' to rule effectively:

...After winning the B.C. Liberal leadership a year ago, Clark had an opportunity to succeed. All she had to do was to model herself on some of the most successful female politicians in the world.

The one thing they all share is a certain level of gravitas.

That's especially important for female government leaders, who risk being dismissed more easily than their male colleagues because of sexism....

{snippety doo-dah}

Alberta's new premier Alison Redford is a good example of this type of female government leader in Canada. She's riding high in the polls in her province, because she's seen as serious about the job, and not prone to indulging in gimmicks to get voters' attention.

Clark, on the other hand, thought that she could succeed with gimmicks, starting with her campaign slogan, which purported to put families first on her agenda....


From our Christie/not Christie?

Perish the thought, Mr. Smith.

After all, would an anti-intellectual gimmick-monger say something like, say, this?

"With an estimated 362 billion Oreo cookies sold since its introduction, the Oreo is indeed a 20th Century success story worthy of this special year-long celebration!"

Of course she would.




Rusty M said...

Gimmick Monger?
Jeez ...

RossK said...


Didn't think of that.


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