Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Is Christy Clark Letting The Rio Theatre's Jobs Die...


....To Keep Her Own Slim Hopes Alive In The Bible Belt?

Charlie Smith of the GStraight thinks so:

...The owner of the Rio, Corinne Lea, has been told that because she has a liquor licence, she is not permitted to screen films at the cinema—even if Lea agrees to ban liquor sales when movies are shown.

Today, NDP MLA Jenny Kwan said at a news conference that this could easily be fixed if the cabinet would pass an order-in-council to allow the Rio to serve alcohol for events, and not allow booze sales when movies are being shown.

So why doesn't Clark—the queen of jobs—want to do this?

I would suggest it's because her own high-paying job is far more important to her than those of the cinema's employees....

{snippety doo-dah}

.... The reality is that Clark's B.C. Liberal party has to win a by-election in the middle of the province's Bible Belt in July...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

....The problem for Clark is that if she loosens the liquor rules at East Broadway and Commercial Drive, the holy rollers in the Fraser Valley will seize on this as evidence that the premier is another one of those godless secular humanists. And they'll be more likely to back the Conservative candidate, criminology professor John Martin, in Chilliwack-Hope.

Clark can't allow that to happen because it would lead to the death of the B.C. Liberals. So she is prepared to let an East Vancouver small business fry to keep her premiership on the front burner....

Interesting, that.


And why doesn't some enterprising young pollster wannabe make a name for him or herself by doing some solid, intensive MLA voter preference polling in Point Grey as in....Like....You know....Right now?



Grant G said...

Mr. K....Riddle me this.

Charlie Smith talks about a by-election in July,????

Is Christy Clark having by-elections on separate days?

Barry Penner did "officially" step down in late December, that By-election has to be called within 6 months, that would mean late June or early July..

However...What about the other Black Hat?

A 1 Ian Black from Port Moody who resigned in or about..August 24th/2011 and made it official on October 1st/2011


Ian Black`s by-election must be called no later than April 1/2012, a far cry from July.

Christy wouldn`t be that stupid to call by-elections on different dates, would she?

Besides, doesn`t everyone with children go holidaying in July

You`ld think the Government would try and save money and have both by-elections in April.


RossK said...

Very interesting point Grant.

Trying to spread the pain, or at least keep the first 'loss' dismissible?


North Van's Grumps said...


From the Fraser Institute:

Beer with your popcorn? Not in British Columbia


Prohibiting movie theatres from serving alcohol is usually not an issue, since movie theatres generally cater to families and teenagers and may be happy with ticket revenue and mark-ups on popcorn and soft drinks. However, this antiquated exclusion hampers the development of boutique and multi-use movie theatres that cater to a more adult crowd. This was recently exemplified when the Rio Theatre in Vancouver was required to stop showing movies in order to obtain a liquor license. The Rio is a multi-use theatre catering to both movie buffs and indie music fans.

Excluding movie theatres, especially multi-use movie theatres, from obtaining liquor licenses is logically inconsistent. Any bar in BC can show movies, so long as a liquor control board bureaucrat does not deem the venue a movie theatre. Venues for operas, concerts, live theatre, and sporting events can all serve alcohol in BC. Even bowling alleys and IKEA can serve beer. Yet movie theatres are excluded.


Grant G said...

What about these family jobs being whacked


That college has been trying to consult with mz Yakamoto, Advanced education minister, but apparently mz Yakamoto has been busy creating jobs with blacktop.


Now that`s funny


Grant G said...

Below is cut n pasted from google page, as you can see the story was there earlier


Showing results for liberals announce blacktop improvements in Chilliwack
Search instead for liberals announce blacktop improvements in Chilliwak
Search Results

News for liberals announce blacktop improvements ...
BC Liberals announce blacktop upgrades as Chilliwack-Hope ...

The Province‎ - 9 hours ago
... has announced $6 million in upgrades to roads in the Chilliwack-Hope riding. A byelection will be soon held in the area to replace long-time Liberal MLA ...
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B.C. Liberals announce blacktop upgrades as Chilliwack-Hope ...
9 hours ago – B.C. Liberals announce blacktop upgrades as Chilliwack-Hope ... million investments in highway improvements in the Hope area since 2001.
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Don`t know where the story went, however..

The story stated that..

"Advanced education minister announces $6 million in blacktop paving in Chilliwak"

The story had a picture of Mz Yakamoto or whatever her name is...And the story went onto say that..

"30 jobs will be created"snip

Which is almost as many FUll-TIME jobs lost at that Northern college..

Don`t know why the story was pulled from the Province newspaper, perhaps it will come back.


Grant G said...

Story still missing, but I did find this..Cut n pasted from this back page..



Naomi Yamamoto
B.C. Liberals announce blacktop upgrades as Chilliwack-Hope byelection approaches

A $6-million road upgrade in the Hope area is the first major move by the B.C. Liberals to woo voters ahead of the pending byelection in Barry Penner’s old riding of Chilliwack-Hope. A date for the byelection has not been announced The road project, announced by Minister of Advanced Education Minister Naomi Yamamoto Tuesday, will cover a 6.6 kilometre stretch of road between Highway 3 from the Hope Overpass to Nicolum Creek Bridge along Highway 5.