Friday, February 17, 2012

Late Night With Norm


Mr. Norman Farrell gets right to heart of the matter about what the Oreo Party* is up to regarding the so-called extinguishing of the HST.

In the end it comes down to the shifting of the original $1.6 billion bribe onto the back of the next government of British Columbia.

And before that happens, in the shorter term it is all about screwing we the people even more by rewarding the very interests we voted against in the first place.

Here's Norm:

"...(B)efore departing the Liberals aim to squeeze out as much lucre as they can for their big business friends while the next government is left to fund the revenue shortfalls. I also note that Liberals have repeatedly claimed their hands were tied in matters related to scrapping HST but today they announced an increase in the B.C. HST rebate threshold, a move which is expected to save new house purchasers about $60 million in the coming year (which is a big boost to the original backers of the 'Smart Tax Alliance'). So Liberal "hands are tied" in affecting HST transition, unless they decide their hands are not tied..."


*Faux Liberal red on the outside, Harper Blue Uber Alles on the inside.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,

I read Norms post and came to the conclusion, that's the good news. The bad news is we haven't a clue what the next governmant will find when they start going through the books. For the first time when they say " we didn't know the finances were this bad" I will believe them.

cfvua said...

Mr. Farrell gets it on this one. There is most likely way more "progressive strategic" activity going on than we are allowed to know. As we are spiraling down all of the back room operatives will be trying to pull out everything they can knowing that the inevitable crash and burn is near. Otherwise we could have been back to status quo way before now.