Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Rubbin' 'Em Raw Out In Midway...


The (not)Premier appears to be continuing with her US Republican Party-inspired 'Take it directly to the (unquestioning) Regional Press' strate(r)gy.

How else to explain how the un-bylined 'Staff Reporter' at the Grand Forks Gazette posted up the following, with a straight face, yesterday:

Premier Christy Clark was at Midway on Monday afternoon to get a tour of the Midway mill.

"The biggest area where we’ve had success with is with lumber, softwood lumber in particular," stated Clark, on how increased trade with Asia has helped with the job market.

"We’ve seen an increase in the amount of lumber that we’ve shipped to Asia. It has, or will have, an impact on a place like Midway."...


We'll just let that 'increased trade with Asia' bit sink in for a moment.




Longtime millworker Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, from last fall:

I bought the Sunday Province yesterday. For a change it was worth the smash I paid for it. I read something in there. Read something I was going to write about yesterday but I did not. I decided maybe I better let myself cool down a little first. Did not want to write anything that I might be sorry I wrote later.

40% of the trees logged on my province's coast in the first half of this year were exported as raw logs.


The mother*&%#ing, #*%$*king, *%&^#king, sh*&%#ks who are responsible for this have pushed me over the edge. What kind of a bunch of a##holes would sell out their countrymen like that? God damn traitors. Mother*%$#ers would cause less damage to the B.C. economy if they flew a couple jets into Dope City's two tallest buildings.


F*%# am I pissed.



The Greatest Place on Earth? F*#$ you!

And, in case you missed it, Mr. Beer, unlike, to the best of our knowledge, Ms. Clark, actually has his own song about his actual job...You can read about it, here.....And you can listen to it, here....



Anonymous said...

It seems, China now owns pretty much of BC. Campbell gave the mill industry to China, along with our raw logs.

China owns coal mines in BC, they are sending their people to school, to learn English, they get the coal mining jobs.

China is buying up the natural gas.

They expanded the Port of Prince Rupert, to bring in China's massive freighters. The freight is loaded on the CN freight trains, to an expanded rail yard to store China's junk, until dispersing to where ever.

If any of the seven mines, going into Northern BC are Chinese owned, they will bring their own miners.

Even the U.S. is shafting us. The U.S. won the contract to tear down the smelter in Kitimat. They brought their own workers. So too, if any of the mines are American owned, they will bring their own miners. They also took Caterpillar out of Canada, a loss of 500 jobs.

Harper is permitting China, to buy out the tar sands. Alberta is next for China to buy out. Harper is giving Canada to the Chinese, on a silver platter.

BC is already known as, Little China. Do we not remember? Fadden of CSIS, warned about
China's encroachment into Canada. Fadden named BC as one of the provinces, in the most danger.

All of BC's resources, have been thieved and sold. Campbell thieved and sold our BCR. He also thieved and sold our rivers. Our mines are foreign owned. We people own nothing. Everything was stolen from us, by Harper and Campbell. Fadden of CSIS, was absolutely right.

Grant G said...


RossK said...


You will note that not once was the 'employment' of a certain past cabinet minister and/or a certain present deputy minister, the two of whom played bookending roles in RailGate, mentioned in the CorpMedia press reports of the tap on wrist that a certain billionaire received after copping a plea last week.

Thanks Grant...

Am on it.