Monday, February 13, 2012

The Faux Throne Speech...Will She Go 'Round In Circles?


Will she?

Go 'round in circles, I mean.

Of course she will.

But that's not the point.

Because, unlike Billy Preston under the 'Fro, once you remove the paint from the (not)Premier there really is very little there there....


If the suitcase on the top shelf really is empty, what's this morning's talk show stunt in place of a throne speech (that was never scheduled to happen) all about anyway Alfie?

Is it, as the Talk Show's former 'producer', who is currently the (not)Premier's deputy prop-sec, announced late late last week: outline the government’s agenda for the spring session...



But don't expect that 'agenda' to be something that really matters to those British Columbians who do the working and toiling and building and sweating in this province.

Because the only thing the (not)Premier and the wizards pulling her strings really want to do is turn those poll numbers around just enough to keep the minions from jumping ship completely over the next three months while they get ready to unleash their patented wedge issue-laden media-assisted blitzkriegs.

And, more importantly, with the return of The Knotty Gordian last week, it is clear to anyone who has really been paying attention (and/or who actually feels the pain when they get whacked up the side of the head by the HST at the supermarket every week) that absolutely nothing has changed around here since he left.

In other words, the real agenda is to keep the sell-off of everything going strong and leave the messy little matter of retail politics to the wizards and their creature candidates.

Progress board analyses and growing inequality gap reports be damned.


And, yes, just like the folks who kept watching the Grammy's last night while they tweeted about how awful it was that Chris Brown was on, you can bet the Lotuslandian proMedia herd will line up, cheek by hoof and jowl, to cover the post-show 'scrum' availability that will begin at 10:01am precisely just outside the glass walls of the watercarrier-in-chief's studio....This despite the toothless howls of almost, but not quite (because that would be unseemly) indignation that lasted for about thirty-three-and-a-third seconds on Friday.....



Anonymous said...

In Christy's radio days, from what I could gather...anyone opposing Campbell would be cut off or, CKNW would call for a commercial break. No tough questions for Christy or else, you will be called the Taliban. That's the name she called us, for opposing Campbell.

Christy on CKNW is just another scam, of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, to lie and deceive.

motorcycleguy said...

The lyrics of Allman Brothers "Whipping Post" also come to mind

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like this.

It's a comment that was left on the box below the Globe and Mail story on Clark's radio appearance today.

It said:

"I have no problem with Clark returning to Vancouver to speak to one media outlet in Vancouver, her former employer."

"My problem is that she isn't staying there."