Friday, February 10, 2012

Christy Clark Unplugged...


"...(Christy) Clark says she is completely comfortable with the science behind fracking, and its possible associated health risks, and believes Northeast B.C. has the safest shale gas industry in the world..."



I feel much better now.


How long before a Frack-pusher gets paid big dough to come up with a report that supports fracking on crack?

Laila has this one nailed to the wall with a little help from her friends.



cfvua said...

And Gwynn Morgan and all those big shot friends of his from over in Calgary told me so. And they have been very generous to the party as well. And since we are all using water saving shower heads and low flush toilets we shouldn't worry about how much water we frack up ...errr..down into the ground.

RossK said...


And then, of course, there is, based on the actual science, the possibility that something like, say, this might happen.