Sunday, February 05, 2012

Why Did Sun TV and Jason Kenney's Office 'Fake' The Oath?


Because I've been pretty busy with science geek stuff*, I missed the nitty-gritty behind Jennifer Ditchburn's CP piece late last week wherein she reported on the hastily assembled 'fake' immigration oath ceremony that took place at Sun-TV last fall after requests to carry out such an event, come heck or high water, were sent to them from Immigration Minister Jason Kenny's 'office'.

I also fell behind on reader's comments, for which I apologize.

However, when I finally caught-up I did notice that a reader mentioned Heather Mallick in the threads, I headed over to the TStar site to see what she's been writing lately, and that led me back to Ms. Ditchburn's story to give it a closer read.

Here's the part I had missed:

...The CBC broadcast an hour-long, full-fledged citizenship ceremony for 75 new Canadians that featured a studio audience, a bagpiper, a retired Mountie in his red serge and local dignitaries. That event, which was broadcast live a day after the Sun's reaffirmation ceremony, had been planned with the department since the summer...


Did you get that?

“...Requiring that all candidates show their faces while reciting the oath allows judges, and everyone present to share in the ceremony, to ensure that all citizenship candidates are, in fact, taking the oath as required by law,” he said.

“This is not simply a practical measure. It is a matter of deep principle that goes to the heart of our identity and our values of openness and equality...”


It's ironic don't you think that, in scrambling to get Sun-TV out in front of the CBC on such a 'patriotic' event where 'openness and identity' is everything, the result was an oath were seven of the ten shining faces on the Sun network were completely fake.


On the plus side, none of the Super-Secret Seven on Sun was wearing a hijab.

Which, of course, is what Mr. Kenny was really babbling on about re: the showing of 'faces' when he was quoted by the NaPo above, last December.


More to come....Including the inevitable pushback from those fine Sun staffers E. Levant and D. Akin who find this all to be (surprise!) a super-secret CBC plot to discredit their sworn enemy.
*It's grant-writing season, which means it's also paper-writing season because the latter for the currency that makes it possible to get a shot at the former.


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