Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did The Wife Of The 'Not Conflicted' CBC Ledge Guy Just Get A Promotion?


As Laila notes, Christy Clark's Press Secretary, Mr. Chris Olsen, has been fired.




Does this mean that the current Deputy Press Secretary, Ms. Rebecca Scott, will now become the big cheese?

And if so....

Does that, in turn, mean that CBC Legislative Bureau Chief, Mr. Stephen Smart, who is Ms. Scott's life partner, is now even less conflicted than ever?

And, as I mentioned over at Laila's place, one can only wonder if this is a result of the 'The Boessenkool Effect'...
Mike Smyth has his own 'theories'....Regardless, do not forget that it was NOT Mr. Olsen who delivered the 'faux throne speech' announcement last week....Instead, it was...You guessed it....Ms. Scott.


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