Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Most Cynical Of The (not)Premier's Cynical Moves So Far


And no, I'm not talking about last night's deflector spin climb-down from the stunt that was Riot Court TeeVee now that its prop-wash has lost its lustre.

Instead, I'm talking about the wink-wink, nudge-nudge codswallop from the Talking (Show) Points Memo Premier yesterday wherein she 'hinted' that "there's a budget comin" which means that she 'might' grant "some early HST relief" to home builders and renovators.


If you think about it a little you will very quickly realize that this, if it comes to pass, would be a massive perversion of both the democratic process that brought Ms. Clark to power and the body politic over which she, allegedly, currently presides.

I mean, did we not chase a sitting premier from office because we hated the HST and what its tax shift has done to increase the inequality gap for those British Columbians who can least afford it?

And did we then not hold a successful referendum to abolish the hated tax on Ms. Clark's watch?

And, now, many months later, Ms. Clark and her empty suitcase-headed minions have decided that, if they can, they will score a few political points by throwing a crumb or two at the feet of a very select subset of the populace because she (and only she) has STILL not gotten rid of the bloody thing.

And what's worse, those chosen few who would benefit, while they may be swing voters in ridings like PoMoCo and Chilliwack , are most definitely NOT those who need it most.


And do you know what I find most despicable about all of this?

Believe it or not, it is not the fact that Ms. Clark floated this obscenity on a radio talk show instead of in the legislature.

Instead, it is the fact that it was reported, unchallenged, by the proMedia stenographers that snapped to attention and showed up when summoned.

As I said above.

This is nothing short of a political perversion.

And clearly, the proMedia likes their obscene perversions served up raw.

Or at the very least, they are happy to momentarily avert their eyes while they get the so-called 'story'.




cherylb said...

oh, ho, ho, ho - let her try. After going on and on about how she would have gotten rid of the HST by now if she could have? If she gives anything to home builders that take away the sting of the HST, I would venture to say that we could probably build a case for recall. Lying to the electorate should suffice for a reason....

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Once she was elected leader of the Anybody But the NDP Party I have bit my tongue and gave Clark a chance. Thought that was only fair. You would think she would have to be an improvement on the last dick we had for a Premier, right? Wrong. Amazingly, she is worse. Worse than Gordon Campbell. Jimmy Pattison is probably preparing a job offer for her as I write this.