Friday, February 10, 2012

More Evidence That Ms. Clark Cannot Add.


Remember how we took issue with the following statement from British Columbia's current (not)Premier when she used it as a rationale to give $125,000 to Geoff Plant's former man Friday to write a report about how what's going on with our justice system?

Clark said criminal caseloads and the crime rate have been dropping but problems like court delays and stays of proceedings are increasing.

“The thing is, it just doesn’t add up and we need to get the bottom of that,”

And now?

Well, the exam results are in and Ms. Clark has failed.


Because it does, indeed, all add up.

And the real problem is that the Campbell/Clark government continues to dramatically underfund our justice system.

Pure and simple.

Jonathan Fowlie, who has been firing on all cylinders recently, has the story in the VSun. Here is his lede (but I suggest you read the entire thing to see how long this bad math has been applied to the justice system in BC):

VICTORIA — British Columbia’s troubled justice system is about to suffer an annual shortfall of at least $53 million, an internal government audit has revealed.


Given all this, we feel it is important (for some proPundit, perhaps?) to ask the following question:

Who knew, say on Monday before the $125K was given out to much deflector-spin fanfare on Wednesday, that this auditor's report was coming out later in the week?

You see what I'm sayin'?


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