Monday, February 06, 2012

Sun TeeVee Fake Oath Tweet Fight!


This one is between Sun TeeVee staffer Ezra Levant who, essentially, accuses the Canadian Press' Jen Ditchburn, who wrote the 'Fake' oath story, of being a MotherCorp mole.

And/or a dupe.

And/or worse.

First, here is Mr. Levant doing his best to paste Ms. Ditchburn up against the boards from behind:

  1. 1/3 now that you know she's a CBC colleague will you report it? RT @jenditchburn: Sun says I should've guessed name of "fake oath" employee
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    2/3 @davidakin found name in the ATIP. You miss it "by accident"? RT @jenditchburn: Sun says I should've known former "fake oath" employee
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    3/3 why didn't you call the Sun to ask like a reporter might RT @jenditchburn: Sun says I should've known name of former fake oath employee
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    4/3 Yes/no question: did you collaborate w CBC at all in your story? RT @jenditchburn: Sun says I shouldve known former "fake oath" employee

Then, Ms. Ditchburn, head-on-swivel, sidesteps neatly and allows Mr. Levant to crash into boards and own player Mr. D. Akin*:

  1. @ezralevant you broke the Caramilk secret, the Davinci Code!!! I appear weekly on @PnP_CBC as a contributor. What else u got?
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    @ezralevant Is this your math: I appear on CBC panels, thus I must know every one of it's thousands of employees? Please go on!
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    @ezralevant I'm supposed to make the leap that a blacked out name is the same as another listed in 100+ pages? What legal advice do u get?
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    @ezralevant Here's another ? For u: why did Quebecor and Sun brass refuse to answer my questions yesterday?

You can read the entire exchange, as archived by Sarah Leavitt of Open File, here.

More on Mr. Akin's attempt to pivot while throwing clumsy sucker punch to come...


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Anonymous said...

Please go to this site today for another take on this scandal. Since the date is included, you may see it there tomorrow or whenever. Enjoy.