Sunday, February 12, 2012

Podcast Of The Week...Harry Shearer With Financial Blogger Yves Smith


Harry Shearer, the bass player guy from Spinal Tap and the million-voice man on The Simpsons, who has also been an ardent defender of New Orleans, composes the audio compendium 'Le Show' once a week. It is then broadcast on Santa Monica's public radio station KCRW.

Le Show is a high content stew of information and entertainment that contains real nuggets of stuff that actually matter.

And this week's program is filled to bursting with nuggets, so many in fact that if you melted them all down you could fill a Minivan with gold bullion.

And that's because 'Yves Smith', who is, as Shearer calls her, the 'ringmaster' of the fabulous financial investigatory blog 'Naked Capitalism', was on explaining what is really going on with all this foreclosure fraud down south.

Best of all, Ms. Smith, who was once deep in the game, is able to explain both the rules and the playbook in a way that makes it possible for financial dolts like moi to understand what is really going down.

It is truly compelling listening.

And, while poking around the KCRW site, noticed that The Swell Season is playing a one-off benefit at a Santa Monica record store tonight...The 'Segal Factor' at work?...Who knows...Regardless, will there be YouTube searchin' tomorrow night?....You betcha.


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