Friday, February 24, 2012

Does Ezra Levant Know Michael Sona?

Double-Secret Probation Update: Oct 31, 2012...Mr. Sona is now claiming that Sun News and the CPC threw him under the bus...

Update: Late Friday...For those who just don't quite get it, there is now an explanation of the satirical snarkolepsy that underpins this post at the bottom.

And if yes.....

How long, exactly, has the fine Sun News commentator known the good Mr. Sona?

Why, 'how long'?

Because the image above was taken at a 'private' reception for Ms. Anne Coulter when she was on her Canadian speaking tour in the spring of 2010, one year before the RoboCalls were allegedly made that Mr. Levant's Sun News yesterday 'suggested' Mr. Sona may have been involved in (together with their 'own' photo of Mr. Sona with another conservative luminary).

And now, just one day later Mr. Sona, who some might think, myself included, is being scape-goated here, has been fired....errrr....'resigned' as a Conservative Party staffer.



Why did I say that the reception noted above was 'private' (and therefore was not likely filled to bursting with the hoi polloi)?

Because the very fine fellow who that took the picture, and was proud to post it on his blog identifying the good Mr. Sona at the time, explicitly said so.

There were some other interesting folks of note that were also at that event....More on that later....
Update, late Friday: Have been taken to task by a commenter for being a conspiracy-theorist....Actually, I am a satirical snarkoleptic cynic on this one who is only attempting to demonstate just how absurd it was for Sun News to elevate the status of Mr. Sona's 'relationship' with the Prime Minister with their own photo (originating, apparently, from the PMO itself) before they set the limited hangout in motion....I mean, if Mr. Sona was just some jr. drone, in a backroom somewhere, would the hangout have been credible enough to spike the story in front of the EC report?



Anonymous said...

Ew. You made me click on the Sun News site...

RossK said...

You had to.

Because, in my opinion, they, collectively, are the Judy Miller of this limited hangout.


Gary Fraser said...

Wow - this is really important. It means Mr. Levant was directly involved with the robocalls.

There were a number of people who knew the murderer Paul Bernardo, like his neighbors for instance. There are pictures of him with them. They must all be murderers too.

You are the only one to connect the dots.

I think you are on to something.


North Van's Grumps said...

robo source in Edmonton

sassy said...

*Ethical* voter suppression.

leftdog said...

Sassy .. that's HILARIOUS! :)

RossK said...

Mr. Fraser.

No - this particular picture proves about as much as the picture linked to of Mr. Sona and Mr. Harper.

And this post was only written to point out the absurdity of Sun News being chosen as the cut out.

The real potential link with Mr. Sona that just might matter is in another of the pictures taken at the private party.


David said...

Mr. Levant may be a cold, heartless conservative but he wasn't behind the robo-calls. You see: It was obviously a robot who was behind the robo-calls: There's a simple explanation for everything. They'll play the movie '2011: A Space Odyssey' in court and it'll explain everything.

RossK said...

David-- the Hal9000 was behind the RoboCalls...But who, exactly programmed ol' Hal?

(and it sure a heckfire wasn't Keir Dullea)

Dave said...

As a conservative I'd have to point to the monoliths, the apes discovering tools...Did I point the finger at Keir Dullea yet? The answer is somewhere at the end of the movie at the part where it stops making sense. Also, watch Byline tonight: Lilley will have the answer.

Crime Minister Stephen Harper said...

Ann Coulter is wearing a white bra under a black dress.

That's not sexy.

Except maybe to a robot.