Monday, February 13, 2012

The Big Muddy Is....


The big muddy sound that is.

And it's all thanks to reader Don F. who convinced me to get the gadget pictured above. As a result, I am finally able to get the sound of the guitar that is inside my head into the box.

The Zoom H4n can do all kinds of crazy-legged, Elroy Hirschian multi-tracking and post-production swivel-hipping while sitting in the palm of your hand.

But the biggest the bonus appears to be the weirdly shaped mikes that sit at the top of the thing and capture sound at a wide, sweeping angle.

Heckfire, I managed to get the snippet below, on the very first pass, just by plopping it on the table in front of me and hitting record, with no goosing and/or the adding of anything gimmick-wise afterwards.

Thanks Don!



Don F. said...

Congrats Ross!
Sounds great clean and clear.
They really are an amazing thing to own as you will learn over time. I have had mine over a year and still constantly find new ways of using it When you get into multitracking where there are amp models and effects like reverb and delays, well you'll find them.
It can even be used as a USB mic for podcasting.
the external mic inputs open up a whole world of options for micing guitars and other instruments as well.
Just the way you used it though is very satisfying and it sounded great.Enjoy!!
By the way i really enjoyed The Parting Glass!
Talk Soon

Danneau said...

Great stuff. I hope this gadget will be an incitement to commit further material to recording...