Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bigger E. Soars From Nest



I got an Email this morning.

In response to one I had sent last night just before bed.

To my oldest kid who is 3,000 miles away.

I'd sent her my little mp3 of 'The Parting Glass' that I'd captured with my newfangled portable recording device.

Which will be fantastic for street performing/busking, which is something I did with both my kids, Bigger E. and littler e. too, for pretty much all of 2010.


Here is what Bigger E., who was then in high school back then, and who is now a freshman in college, had to say:

Wow! Great quality, thank you for the tune....!
I played a heckuva coffee house here at G. House tonight, ended up singing in pretty much each act.

With my band...
-The Weight
-Southern Man
-Rocky Racoon
With J....
-Valerie (Amy Winehouse)
-Big Mistake (Tim Fite)
With C. (I also played uke for this one)...
-Folsom Prison
With Max...
-Proud Mary

Gadzooks, my voice is raw!
Have a happy dappy Valentimes day!


Kids these days.

Who even knew that they say stuff like 'Gadzooks'.

All joking aside...

Can there be absolutely anything better than something like that sitting in your Inbox waiting for you to open it on a ho-hum workaday morning in mid-February?

Image at the top is a screen shot of then Grade 11'd E. from the very first video of our 'Busking Year'...



Don F. said...

Hey Ross.
I know the feeling from when my son went to Montreal to get a fine arts degree. It gets better when eventually you have gandchildren, you won't beleive how that feels. You have a lot coming your way yet!
Glad you are enjoying the h4n.
Something I might suggest, try recording in wave format and then in the unit itself convert to mp3 that way you are recording at cd quality and taking advantage of what it can do.

RossK said...

Thanks Don--

On all counts.


Rev.Paperboy said...

So that's what that bursting sound I heard the other morning was - It was your heart after reading the email. Congrats, I'm sure she knocked'em dead.
The son, age 11 and a piano lesson veteran, started instrumental music class at school this week. He wanted to learn bass guitar, but decided it was too heavy to carry on the walk to school, so we've rented a tenor sax. Of course, me being me, we've also rented a bass guitar and bass amp and I have a friend coming round on Saturday to give the two of us our first lesson.
Tell E. the fan base wants video next time she has a gig.

RossK said...

Tenor sax and bass!

He will never be without work.

And, ya, I'm waiting for my own goldarned video...It's supposed to be comin'.


karen said...

I love this blog! I get good and mad at the political stuff and then I get all teary and proud and happy for you when you write this stuff. I wish you and yours all the best. Thank you. From the bottom of my touched heart.

RossK said...


You're welcome.

Oh, and....

... I thank-you more!