Monday, February 20, 2012

Requiem For A Heavyweight...


Hunter S. Thompson has now, officially, been dead for seven years.

And, despite this fact, I do not think I made myself clear in my last post.


Below you will find an Audio-Zine/EP of both words and music to mark the occasion.

And all you have to do to hear it is to hit the little sideways triangle to the left of the timing bar.


Please give it a listen if you have a few minutes and tell me what you think (you can even keep listening while you head on over to read all the great stuff from the fine folks on the Blog Crawl on the left side bar, or do the dishes, or your homework, or whatevever).


All the details, and citations, and references, and links, and tune sources, and asides, and digressions, especially for the Hunter junkies amongst you (and just to be clearer that includes me), can be found in the post below...
And for those that have gotten this far....There are bonus references to 'Mr. Tambourine Man', the 'High Water Mark', 'Altamont', and much more in the Audio-Zine/EP (some might even call it a 'podcast') that you won't get from just reading the post below.
I mean....What the heckfire are you people that stop by here every day anyway....Readers?....Jeebuz!.... And here I thought linear type was supposed to be dead...Sheesh.



Anonymous said...

That was a good memorial.
Great selections and well spoken.
Thanks for reminding me of Thompson - a pivotal person in the culture of the USA.

RossK said...

Most welcome Anon.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the HST pieces these last few days Ross. Sad...