Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did Ron Obvious Just Get One Right?


Not bloody likely.

But I do have to admit.....

For once Gary Mason actually made me laugh out loud.*

I'm hearing that in a bid to shut him up, Prem Clark will name Alex Tsakumis her new press secretary.

*But, just to be clear, and to make sure AGT does not start screaming at me (again) for being a dog-mongrel socialist who runs....My laughing, out loud or otherwise, was in no way associated with that bad comedy clip show on the MoCo.



Rusty M said...

On no, don't tell me ... did you also have the misfortune of encountering that bloated idiot AGT?

RossK said...



Rusty M said...

The yo-yo phoned me at home to scream at me and threaten me with violence cuz i made a comment on one of his posts that he disagreed with ... Gadzooks!