Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Spout Demonstrable Falsehoods....And You Too Can...

...Win Big!

"...I don't believe breast cancer research is advanced by funding an organization that does abortions where you've seen ties to cancer and abortions..."

...On the first day of multiple nominating contests in the 2012 primary season, networks projected Santorum as the winner in Missouri and Minnesota. In Missouri, with 86 percent of the vote counted, Santorum had 56 percent to Romney's 25 percent, according to the secretary of state's website...

...Winning really, really big the next day.

Is it any wonder that Western Civilization appears to be going a million miles-an-hour in reverse with the accelerator jammed to the floor?




Chris said...

The real wonder is that women aren't flooding the streets here to protest the same anti-abortion push by our own PM, which he has cleverly allowed his "independent-minded" backbencher to argue in order to hold on to his rightwing base ... am I the only one around here old enough to remember how hard women had to fight for this right?
Scary, scary, scary.

RossK said...

Excellent point Chris.

Post on this comin'.....


Chris said...

Great. Maybe you figure out if there are dots to be connected between Tory tactics and this: