Friday, February 17, 2012

The Boessenkool Effect


The GStraight's Stephen Hui has the story. Here is his lede:

It appears that Christy Clark is bent on importing Stephen Harper's former minions, as the resurgent B.C. Conservatives eat away at her party's right-wing base.

Recent polls have also shown the B.C. Liberals trailing the NDP by a significant margin, so what does the premier do?

Hire Harper's former press secretary, it seems.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Sara MacIntyre is joining the premier's office on March 6 as director of communications. Shane Mills, the current holder of that post, will become Clark's director of issues management.

You may recall that MacIntyre, a former B.C. director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, announced on Facebook on January 23 that she would be leaving the prime minister's office on February 10...

Remember how we noted that Ms. Clark was all in favour of a celebration of the oreo cookie?


That has us wondering.

Is her Harpie Blue on the inside or the outside of all that faux Liberal red?

And, as we noted last night....Bill Tieleman had this one first up on the Tweet-mobile, seconded by the VSun's J. Fowlie there....Sure wish the wags would get out in front of stuff that actually matters in that fashion...


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