Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chris Montgomery Has Questions...


....About the debacle (my word, not Ms. Montgomery's) of the 'deservers' that became the 'only' float plane dock grafted onto the Convention Center in Vancouver Harbour that nobody who owns and/or flies float planes actually wants to use.*

Subsidized, of course, of course.

(which is why the 'deservers' are just that - most deserving of everything they deserve I mean)

Anyway, here are Chris' questions:

...This group of floatplane operators spent time and money trying to open their own terminal and run it, roughly speaking, as a co-op. It is widely rumoured that they approached the Vancouver Airport Authority for either advice or to arrange a deal to have the authority run it for them. It is also widely rumoured that they got nowhere with their request.

Graham Clarke, who was chair of the airport authority at the time the operators would have come in to talk, later left the airport authority to build the new terminal himself.

There’s nothing up with that, right?

2. The floatplane operators also had to deal repeatedly, over time, with Port Metro Vancouver as they attempted to get approval to open their own terminal east of the convention centre, in an area controlled by the port. They got nowhere with that either, and in the end were left with one option: becoming tenants of a terminal built by Mr. Clarke.

Anne Bancroft-Jones is a member of the board of directors for the port, which turned the operators down when they tried to open their own site.

I understand that she is also Mr. Clarke’s wife.

There’s nothing up with that either, right?....

Now, Chris is hoping that someone in the Lotuslandian proMedia will step up to the plate and ask these questions.

Me, I'm not holding my breath.

*And may or may not be safe....There's a report in the government's hands, but somebody, 'deserving' or otherwise, apparently doesn't want them to release it....BiV has that story.



North Van's Grumps said...

One more little detail.....on behalf of HARBOUR CRUISES LTD
, one Graham Clarke is on the donation slip as the
Principal Officer via Elections BC office.

RossK said...

Thanks NVG--

Those deservers sure are most deserving, eh?