Friday, January 27, 2012

Canada's New Human League Of Nations...


....The Handsome Furs

And if you want to see Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry, who currently call Montreal home, improve world relations while they see/tour/play the world you can watch their entire 'Indie Asia' series, archived at their website, here.

Finally, yes, South Side Torey's boys had the Furry Duo, who first met at a call center training cattle call, on their show not long ago also...

There are a whole lotta more visually stunning videos out there of this 'band', but I like the sound and weird techno small-club crush of this one best, even if it is blurry...Most often Ms. Perry introduces this song by saying that it is for their "Friends in Romania"....And apparently, according to the duo, who have travelled deep into the region repeatedly, techno is the sound of the revolution in post-Soviet Eastern Europe.


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